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A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Bhajans and Prayers for Kashmiri Pandit Festivals


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Kashmiri Section

Bhajan Singers
01. Gvadaany Ganapat Jeeyas Kailash Mehra, Sunaina Kaul & Kiran Kaul
02. Prabaat Aav Kailash Mehra & Darshana Mehra
03. Ho Ho Karay Kailash Mehra
04. Svakhtt Sampadaa Kailash Mehra, Sunaina Kaul, Kiran Kaul
05. Che Mata Kaasatam Ajay Koul
06. Hosh Dim Lagayo Vishal Pandita
07. Draayi Fulayaah Sunaina Kaul & Kiran Kaul
08. He Shambhoo Rakhyapaal Darshana Mehra & Vishal Pandita
09. Chaani Daedai tal Rishabh Dorjey
10. Band Koranus Kailash Mehra & Darshana Mehra

Hindi & Sanskrit Sections

Bhajan Singers
01. Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva Kailash Mehra
02. Gayatri Mantra Kailash Mehra & Others
03. Ganpati ki Seva Kailash Mehra, Darshana & Others
04. Namo Devyai Mahadevyai Kailash Mehra
05. Om Jai Laxmi Mata Vibhas Sadhu
06. Shri Shankaraachaary Aatmasatakam Kailash Mehra & Darshana Mehra
07. Om Jai Shiv Omkara Vibhas Sadhu
08. Om Jai Ambey Gouri Kailash Mehra
09. Bum Bum Bholey Nath Kailash Mehra & Darshana Mehra
10. Sri Ram Chandra Kailash Mehra
11. Om Jai Jagdish Hare Vishal Pandita



Kailash Mehra SadhuEasily the best known singer and titled as Lata Mangeshkar of J&K, the Kokila of Kashmir, the melody queen and Malika-e-Gazal by the listeners, Electronic and Print Media, Kailash Mehra Sadhu has enthralled music lovers virtually in all States of India and in several foreign countries. Her amazing range and versatility is reflected in the fact that she has sung not only in Kashmiri but entertained the masses in different languages like Dogri, Pahari, Gojri, Sanakrit, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Ladakhi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannad and Bangla. Her fans, of Kashmiri origin, and all the communities of J&K State are spread across the globe. She has held concerts in London, Pittsburgh, Houston, Washington, Florida, New York, California, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Detroit, Boston, Toronto, (Canada), Dhaka and Dubai among other places in India.


Darshana Mehra PalDarshana Mehra Pal started learning music from Late Sh. Shambhoo Nath Sopori. As an approved artiste of All India Radio (Srinagar), she participated and won prizes in many Music Competitions at State and National Level. She also sang for tele-serials, documentaries and albums for All India Radio and Doordarshan. She has participated in Festival of India at USSR, Muscat, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok and Indonesia.  

Darshana ji is presently at Delhi working as a freelance singer with various music companies like T-Series, Shemaroo etc.


Kiran KoulKiran Koul learnt music under the valuable guidance of her Guru Pt. Shambhoo Nath Sopori. She is an approved artist of TV and Radio (J&K). She has received 1st prize in All India Light Music competition and was presented Memento by Information and Broadcasting Minister Late Sh. H. K. L Bhagat in New Delhi. She has had occasions to perform in various National Level festivals and functions.

With an M.A. (Economics) from Kashmir University, Kiran ji has a job in Banking (Nationalised Bank). She currently resides in Jammu, and music is her hobby.


Sunaina Jad (Kaul)Sunaina Jad (Kaul) started learning Indian Classical Music (vocals) from the age of 9 years under the supervision of Pt. Shambu Nath Sopori. She won two (2) academy awards in music competitions held by J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages in 1965 and 1966. She has been an approved artiste of light/Kashmiri folk music by All India Radio (AIR) since 1974, and has been performing since on radio programs and concerts, and Doordarshan at Srinagar & Jammu organized by AIR and Doordarshan for over three (3) decades.

Sunaina ji has worked as a senior instructor and later as Head of the Department (Music) at Srinagar Institute and then at Jammu since 2004. She has now retired as Professor & Head, Music Vocal department, IMFA, University of Jammu.


Vibhas SadhuVibhas Sadhu hails from a musical family. He is elder son of Mrs. Kailash Mehra Sadhu. A B. Tech in Electronics and Telecom (2005), he is currently residing in Delhi and working a Consultant in HR. Singing is his hobby.

Vibhas ji sang Bhajans in Poozai Poshe in 2005.


Vishal PanditaA student of Prof. Kailash Mehra Sadhu, Vishal Pandita has been urrently pursuing B.A Part Final Music as one of the subjects. He is born and brought up in Jammu after exodus from Kashmir. He is an upcoming, budding and multi-talented artiste in Dance, Drama and Music.



Tsewang Dorjee (Rishabh)Tsewang Dorjee, aka Rishabh, was a disciple of Late Sh. Vijay Malla and Sh. Ravi Bhan, and has been an approved Artist of All India Radio (J&K). He has been singing since 1994.


Ajay KoulAjay Koul originally hails from Sathoo, Srinagar. After graduating from BITS Pilani, Ajay moved to the US in 1998 and completed his MBA at Baylor University in Texas. Currently, he lives with his wife and three kids in Lexington, MA and works as a business executive for a top-tier software firm in New York.

Ajay’s interest in music and singing started early, and he was deeply influenced by music at an early age. He grew up listening to a variety of music, ranging from the popular Bollywood movie songs to the more sophisticated Indian classical (Hindustani) as well as the Western classical music (that his dad would play on his 1970s radiogram).  

In his early school days, Ajay was invited to perform on the local TV shows, and while in college, Ajay took music classes and continued performing through stage performances and college competitions. He continued to cultivate singing as a passionate hobby that has stayed on till this date, and Ajay is quite active in New England, performing at Indian music shows and programs.



Living in several Diasporas around the world, especially after our forced exodus from our motherland Kashmir, we try our level best to preserve and maintain our values and traditions no matter where we live, and pass on these values to our next generation. Kashmiri Pandits have a rich heritage of religious texts, which abounds in hymns and prayers distinguished by their profound and lofty spirituality and elegant composition, that has no match anywhere in the modern world. There is a need to preserve the sanctity of the cherished devotional prayers (bhajans) and ensure that the authenticity of their language is not bruised or distorted as they pass on by word of mouth, from one generation to another.

The idea to compile a collection of the bhajans commonly recited by the Kashmiri Pandits was thus sponsored by Smt. Malini and Sh. Late Lokesh Bazaz of KOA in 1999, called Poozai Poshe, during Sh. Lalit Wanchoo’s tenure. The first collection of bhajans came from Sh. Prem Nath Bakaya’s (of Maryland) personal collection of hand-written bhajans, that were typed by Sunil Fotedar, Hari and Nimee Bhat, Vivek Dhar and Urmila Prasad. Some of the bhajans were later sung by Smt. Kailash Mehra Sadhu in the form of a CD sponsored by KOA during Sh. Sanjay Kaul’s tenure in the early 2000s.

This second edition of Poozai Posh contains bhajans written by well-known saints and sages of Kashmir, such as Swami Krishen Joo Razdan, Swami Parmanand, Swami Posh Bub (draai fulayaah on page 80, aachh dar Lajam on page 88, chaani daedi tal on page 94, and svakh t sampadaa on page 95) to name a few. These bhajans are available in the public domain, as these are either published or recorded on audio tapes/CDs and are freely available on internet. We have attempted to provide proper credit to the original contributors, but it is possible that we may have missed some or some may have incorrect reference. We sincerely apologize for such oversight. If you see any such mistake and have correct reference(s), please contact us with correct information. We have used material from the following four sources:

  • Devastuti Bhajans

  • Shaam Rang – A  Collection of Marriage Songs and Leelas by Smt. Shamrani Raina

  • Bhajan Mala – A  Collection of Swami Krishna Joo Razdan’s Kashmiri Bhajans and Leelas compiled by Late Sh. Pandit Kailash Nath Fotedar

  • Posh Diael – A Collection of Posh Bub’s Kashmiri bhajans published by Sh. Poshkara Swami Sewa Ashram

KOA is indebted to

  • Sh. Maharaj K. Raina (Mumbai) for letting us reproduce some bhajans the first two sources at,

  • Dr. Rattan Lal Fotedar (Jammu) for his untiring efforts in transcribing the bhajans for this edition, and

  • Sh. Raman Kaul (Pennsylvania) helped with providing the technical tools for the transciption, particularly in Unicode Devanagari script.

Unicode fonts have revolutionized the availability of uniform web content in Devanagari and with the efforts of several Kashmiri technology volunteers, new Unicode fonts (like Siddhant font, used in this book) now incorporate all specialized characters used in Devanagari Kashmiri. Use of a Unicode font ensures that such text is searchable on the web and is readable without download of non-standard fonts. Raman Kaul's popular Uninagari typing tool enables any user to type Devanagari Kashmiri using an intuitive keyboard.

We also very much appreciate the generosity of our donors for providing funds to make this project a reality.



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