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Selected Press Comments

Kailash the Kokila of kashmir

She is a versatile singer. Caste, region and languages is no barrier, with punctilious voice coupled with classical strike to bewitch listeners of all ages.

Himalyan Mail

Monday, Nov. 1, 1999

Kailash Mehra, the melody queen

Has also earned name and fame during short span of time in the field of music. She shares her achievements and experiences in a tete-a-tete with Sheetal Kak.

The Daily Excelsior Jammu.

           Septt .12, 1999


The power of Kailash Mehra's singing lies in its enormous range, texture, variety and nuance. She is truly Kashmir's Lata Mangeshkar. Though of a small build Kailash Ji can produce a voice that is booming and towering, if the song demands it be so. Just by listening to one concert of hers one gets an idea of her immersion in music - training as well as experience. She sang the immortal folk songs, popular songs and meditative songs. She even threw a couple Of Ghazals, showing us that she could have had the whole concert in that gesture of singing. But it were the folk songs that drilled through our hearts by their universality, simplicity, and haunting melody.

--- M.Koul,  Suffern ,N.York.



Speaking on the occasion, the Divisional Commissioner larded the contribution of Kailash Mehra and described her as an icon of plural culture of the State. Welcoming the guests Zaffer Iqbal Khan Manhas, Secretary, Cultural Academy stated that Kailash Mehra has earned the name and fame at National and International level by singing Dogri, Kashmiri, Gojri, Pahari and Bhaderwahi songs.

Daily Excelsior

Thursday, Nov, 13, 2008

KAILASH MEHRA’S Magical voice enthralls audience

Legendry Singer Kailash Mehra Sadhu enthralled the audience with her spell bound performance held at Abhinav Theatre

State  Times

Thursday, Nov, 13, 2008

Kailash Mehra regales with eclectic blend-

Kailash Mehra melodious and vibrant daughter of the soil enthralled the audience at general Zorawar Singh Auditorium with an eclectic blend of classical and light vocals encapturing the essence of all major lingual identities of the state.

The Kashmir Times

Monday, April-2, 2007

Kailash Mehra- be it a Bhajan or Ghazal ,

Kailash Mehra's heavenly voice is both delicate and uplifting. Dubbed one of the "melody queens" of Kashmir, Mehra has won numerous awards and has passed down her knowledge to many students as a professor of music at MAM Degree College, Jammu.

Kashmiri Overseas Association - Kashmiri Pandit Convention 2006 "Growth through Unity".

Kashmiri Overseas Association

Chicago, Annual Convection


A mesmerizing voice called Kailash Mehra.

It goes to the credit of Indian Women that despite of the family responsibilities where the Indian male is still reluctant to share the burden. She has been able to withstand pressures in and outside home remarkably well. "Kailash Mehra", the melody queen, has also earned name and fame during a short span of time in the field of music.

Daily Excelsior 12.09.1999

Kailash Mehra Sadhu is a house hold name in Jammu & Kashmir,

Known for her melodious voice; she represents the composite culture of this state for having sung numerous hit songs both in Dogri as well as Kashmiri. Her music carrier graph has passed through new experiences, further lending charm to her music performance.

The Daily Excelsior Jammu

               Jan.17, 2002

Kailash Mehra the famous singer of the state

Besides other artists performed at Abhinav Theatre last evening. - Kailash Mehra delighted the audience with her beautiful recital of Ghazal " Satayenge Jab Unko Gham Dheere Dheere, Unhe yaad Aayenge hum Dheere Dheere penned by Betab Merathi.

The State Times Jammu


Kailash Mehra Singing her way to glory

One such eminent singer is Kailash Mehra who spell bounds her listeners with her singing, whatever she is singing a bhajan, ghazal or any other song, her sonorous voice captivates all.

The Kashmir Times

Jammu, Sunday Oct.,  13, 1996


Kailash Mehra also enthralled the audience

When she sang in Dogri " Dile Di Gal Unde Ne Kari/ Jande Ta Changa Ha. Surdas Bhajan "Aab Mai Nacho Gopal " & Ghalib's Koi Umeed Bar Nahi Aati , Koi Surat Nazar Nahie Aati.

           The Indian Express Jammu

           Dec.31' 1997.


In her mellifluous voice, Kailash Mehra's song "Simeran Kar Le Mere Manna". The Bhajan evoked unbelievable response from the audience.

The Kashmir Times.

As the essence of soulful singing of Kailash Mehra percolated deep inside, the listeners enjoyed every bit of Sangeet Sandhya organized in the lawns of Dogri Bhawan yesterday. The remarkable aspect of singing was that not only was the singer perfect in her singing but also she sang the songs written by eminent Dogri poet, writers and literature. The evening provided some memorable events to the listeners, their body, heart and soul responding with an unbelievable degree of appreciation. Kailash Mehra captivated the audience with her magical spell. Her songs not only mesmerized the audience but also made the listeners nostalgic about their Dogra Culture and the ambience of rural areas where real art still breaths.

Kashmir times Jammu

OCT. 23, 1994

Claps reverberated throughtout Tagore hall Srinagar,  when Kailash Mehra started the day by singing her first song based on the lyrics of Mehjoor

The Kashmir Times, Jammu

Thursday, Sept., 15,2005.

In the Light Music Forte of Jammu & Kashmir Group

The best part of the 120 minutes show was some songs, the Ghazals & melodies rendered by Kailash Mehra making an instant impression.

                  DECCAN HERALD

                  J AN 21-1979


Kashmir in Hyderabad

The strong point in the production is music both vocal and instrumental. The voices were dramatic and melodious - and Kailash Mehra topping them all.




Ravindera Kala Kheshetra perhaps has never been so over flowing and has certainly never been a scene of more resounding cheers. It was none of the performances of the Kashmiri Culture Troupe. As soon as Sh. D. Devaraj Urs, the Karnataka Chief Minister entered the hall, Miss Kailash Mehra started singing the popular song of the famous Cannada poet, Dr. D.Dendra. Her rendering of the difficult rhyme, her flawless Kannada pronunciation and her lilting sweet voice, took audience by complete surprise though entirely pleasant one. Miss Mehra had picked up the tune and the song in just one day. It was appropriate the Chief Minister paid the handsome compliments to the artists and said that it was heart-warming gesture on behalf of the people of picturesque Kashmir.


Bangalore Jan 29th 1979

Entertaining Programe by J&K Troupe

The biggest saving grace of the program was Kailash Mehra. Her rendering of Maqdoom Mohi-ud-din's Ghazal" Zindagi Motiyoon Ki Dhalakti Lare" and a Bhajan of SHIVA were superb. Kailash Mehra is talent to watch.

The National Herald

            New Delhi Feb.05, 1979


I am indebted to AIR, Doordarshan , Cultural academy of J & K State,

All culturals of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh plus great masters, Gurus in the Music and singing of the state who have encouraged and groomed me as what I am today." I am grateful to her admirers in home state, country and abroad for keeping up my sprits even in exiled life due to ongoing militancy in the Valley.

The Himalayan Mail


Music is not my career but it is in my blood

"Riaz"- devotion and dedication is a must for established or a budding artist. It is sheer practice which has enabled me to sing in various Indian Regional languages like Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannad etc."

Daily Excelsior 17.1.2002

Fine Tune

Kailash says she is blessed to have got the best of both Kashmiri and Dogri culture, “They are just like my two eyes, through which I look at the divine and offer prayers through my songs. Singing in Kashmiri and Dogri gives me immense satisfaction and gives me a feeling of being a proud daughter of the state.

The Himalayan Mail

Jammu, Thursday, Jan 4, 2006

She shared that :- It is very difficult for a Lady Artist to manage her time between her family and career as a lady has to see her domestic life also but due to the co-operation of my husband Mr. Vijay Sadhu and my mother-in-law I could do well in my career. Things would have been different if they would not have cooperated with me.

The Daily Excelsior


Kailash Mehra: Keeping Raag Marwah alive in Jammu calling music as

“Ibadat, Kailash says she wanted to sing classical only and never wanted to opt for light music but Kailash can be credited for some hit compositions

Kashmir Images

May 07, 2006


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