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Sh. Poshker Nath Koul (“Posh Mot”)

 Tirth Raj “Lok-Bhawan” is one of the old Tirth’s in the hierarchy of all the old Tirth Sathans in Kashmir. This ancient shrine was known by the name of Lok-Punya, named after Lalita Datia, the famous ruler of 17th century A.D. The word Lok-Punya signifies the Devine greatness of the shrine. With the passage of time the word Punya   was replaced by “ Bhawan” for the reasons unknown.

The day of “Ashad Shukla Paksha Dwadashi”, known as “Har-Bah” is being celebrated with gaiety, devotion & enthusiasm ever since a decade. It is said that festival has special significance for the women folk, who would take bath in the twelve springs of the shrine starting right from Narang Nag to Amrit Kund, in the vicinity of Lok-Bhawan on Har-Bah and would get redemption from their sins. The Vardhan to Kaej-Maej from Lord Shiva is a great Kripa and Anugraha to Samast women folk. With this background, after their death women are questioned by Maha Kaal (death god), if they have performed Har-Bah yatra by having a dip in the twelve springs there. This is evident from the following saying:

Lar Lad Batni Har Bah Chaiyah Karmech?

(Have you observed the festival of Har-Bah?)                      

Up to the time of mass migration of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, this place was visited by countless devotes especially ladies, who would take bath with an idea to get rid of their sins.

            This Shrine was in a state of oblivion. It was taken care of by a reverend spiritual person, Sh. Poshker Nath Koul popularly known as “Posh Mot”. He hails from Srinagar and has been treading the path of spirituality (Parmarth) right from his childhood.

                This shrine flourished under the leadership of this dedicated man, “Posh Mot” whose face and forehead reflects dazzle of a yogi and who speared no efforts to renovate the Tirth.

                Posh Mot” hardly needs any introduction. A religious leader of integrity and a spiritual guide imparts religious guidance to number less devotees and disciples. His philosophy and open-minded ness reflects his dharmik and religious background. He is the beloved guide and bestow of bliss to the people who came under his shelter.

                  Apart from being a spiritual leader he is the author of many dharmik books, bhajans and leelas which highlight his philosophy and open minded ness. His bajans & leelas are enriched with similes, metaphor and charming language. These writings reflect his depth full devotion in the world of spirituality. These bajans and leelas are available in cassettes of “POSH-DAIEL” in every Kashmiri Pandit house inside & outside the country. People are virtually mad after his bhajans for their melodious music and love for god. A man of simple tastes and habits, a strict vegetarian, a Karamyogi is full of powerful convection and visionary foresight.

                   Ever since insurgency started in Kashmir, Lok-Bhawan Shrine went in exile like other shrines of Kashmir. Its members along with their patron, migrated to Jammu continued their strenuous efforts to reestablish the institution as Shri Pushkara Swami Sewa Ashram” in Chinore, Bantalab, Jammu. Socio-religious activities like Mass yagnopavit are being performed right from the year 1996. Every year Maha yagya is performed by the Management Trust on Har-Bah festival to continue the activities of Lok-Bhawan Shrine.

                    A branch of “Shri Pushkara Swami Sewa Ashram” has been recently opened at Kashmiri Colony, Vetasta Enclave, Nagafgarh New Delhi, to make it convenient for the devotees at Delhi to continue all the activities of the Ashram with same aims and objectives.

                   Swamiji who dedicated precious years of his life to the noble cause of spiritual awakening at Lok-Bhawan is, at Jammu Ashram also, as usual busy in imparting to the seekers the path to the attainment of the highest, through devotion, dedication and extreme surrender.

                    The Ashram has set up a Publication Wing also. This has brought out as many as 13 publications so far. They are-

List of Publication of Shri Pushkara Swami Sewa Ashram

  1. Posh Daeil - Part I (in Kashmiri Urdu script)
  2. Posh-Daeil Part II (in Kashmiri Urdu script)
  3. Posh-Daeil Part III (in Hindi script)
  4. Kashmiri Ramayan
  5. Glimpses of Lok Bhawan
  6. Lok Bhawan Ki Kahani (in Urdu)
  7. Aradhana (in Hindi)
  8. Shiv Mahamanastotra in Kashmiri verses with commentary
  9. Pamphlets - Leela of Devi (6 serials) each.
  10. Posh-Daeil (special Devi Ank) with a brief history of Devasthans of Kashmir & Tatav-Darshan
  11. Revised Shiv-Mahamnastotra in Kashmiri verses with commentary
  12. Photograph of Shri Trith Raj Lok-Bhawan
  13. Revised, enlarged combination of all parts of Posh-Daeil (in Hindi script)

Under Publications

  1. Sangrahan Stotra with Kashmiri Translation in Hindi script.
  2. Sundar Lahri with Translation in Kashmiri Hindi verses.

All these publications speak much of the great truths of spiritual treasure. The, valuable words of wisdom and gyan, contained in them, exhibit the depth and scale of its composer – POSH MOT.  

Pictures and writeup provided by:
Mandakini Koul -


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