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Nine hundred years ago a remarkable collection of stories called Kathasaritsagara, the ''Ocean of Stories", was produced in Kashmir. Somadeva, its author, is said to have included in this tome many stories which he had heard from others and which, in fact, had their origin in folk-literature. The Kathasaritsagara, which may justly be called a treasure of folk tales, has had considerable influence on countries which were in close touch with India during the Middle Ages.

The first collection of Kashmiri folk tales in English was brought out by the late Rev. John Hinton Knowles towards the end of the last century. Sometime later, a renowned scholar, the late Sir Auriel Stein, published another collection of this kind. Hatim's Tales, as this latter is called, is a collection of tales in verse and prose recited in Kashmiri for the savant by one Hatim who was an oilman by profession. These two works can by no means be said to exhaust the harvest of tales garnered in the fertile minds of the people.

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by S. L. SADHU
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Somnath Dhar Painstakingly spun over the years, these stories, including folk-tales and historical tales, are bound to exercise a charm over people of all ages, even as the beautiful locale of Kashmir does. Bringing an assorted collection together in this Prestigious volume-Prof. Somnath Dhar calls it his magnum opus-the learned author shares very interesting vignettes of the Valley, including the chequered annals, with the reader.

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Sh. S. L. Sadhu Kashmir has an inexhaustible fund of folk-tales - the popular component of the "literature of the people", as folklore has been aptly characterized. Folk-tales of Kashmir, like "Himal and Nagraya" and "Zohra Khotan and Haya Bund" are distinctly Kashmiri in origin. Naga or snake also means a spring in Kashmir, both feature picturesquely in the Nagraya tale. 

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Dr. Harikrishna Kaul These simple and unadorned tales deal with the people of Kashmir - their loves, their hates, their deep-set superstitions, their struggles with wild animals and untamed nature in some of her fiercest moods. Great mountains can be not only majestic but they can be most terrifying to those who fall a prey to wild storms while far away from any abode of man. 

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