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Chapter I

My Experiences

by Justice (Retd.) Janki Nath Bhat

I shall briefly put down some of my experiences with Babh Ji. I will mention only a few, otherwise this book will be too big a volume full of such information.

A tall figure clad in thick clothes, resembling the dress of a police functionary, with a hat on head, long rubber boots both in summer and winter, a rope tied with his body and held at the other end by one or two of his disciple-companions and a big 'danda' in hand he could appear on odd places sometimes muttering, sometimes talking to people enroute. Earlier some people considered him almost insane, but when later people came to know of his eminence in the spiritual world they would fall at his feet even on the road side, with utmost respect for him.

When I saw him for the first time I got somewhat scared and would try to avoid him. This experience repeated itself more than once. I was staying in a rented house at Sathoo Barbarshah, Srinagar. He would occasionally visit my landlady who was a widow and a very pious soul. Whenever he would come to the house I would hide myself, but later I had the privilege of being one of his near beloved proteges. On his second or third visit to the lady, he spread a 'waguv' a grass mat (chattai) in the compound, which was considered to be a bad omen. The poor landlady got worried about us. Just a few days later my wife fell seriously ill, and was confined to bed for over six months. She recovered near about "Navreh". In came babh Ji with three or four men and asked my wife if she had recovered and asked to serve meals, which was ready because of the auspicious day, with her own hands. Thereafter the distance between him and our family came to an end. He would stay at our place both in Srinagar and at Jammu for weeks together and feel very happy and relieved. He only exhorted me scores of times in writing also that I should not go hither or thither. 'I was under his banner'. This also had a significance and deep meaning.

I had a weakness for spiritual people. Our family would also visit another saint who was kind to us. My wife would feel quite attracted to that holy man. This was not acceptable to Babhji. Babhji always advised me in so many writings in his own hand as well as verbally that I was under his banner and I should not go elsewhere. Due to my weakness for saints I once along with my wife went to a highly placed Muslim friend of mine. He too had a Muslim saint at his place. The saint, who had a squint eye, was shabbily dressed. As soon as we met him he asked my wife, "Why have you displeased Nandbabh. Whatever we had was due to his blessings". This remark of a saint who designated himself as Sub-Inspector in charge of Hazratbal under Nandbab whom he described as the Defence Minister of India, greatly upset and amazed us.

Here I would like to add one more miracle of Nandbabh. Both my wife and me went to see the other saint at Anantnag where he was staying. But our car, a new one, abruptly stopped near Badhamibagh contonement and would not move. I suspected the disapproval of Babh for this visit. I directed the driver to drive us back to our residence, the car went on smoothly without any trouble. Next day my wife accompanied by another Mahatma went to the saint at Anantnag. I did not go. In the evening Babhji and me met at a party where he was very angry why my wife had gone to the saint.

Nandbabh was an eminent omniscient. He could predict the future of individuals, families, groups, administrators. Future was clear before his evolved spiritual eye and he would try to help others,  administrators, biggies and even governments.

Wherever he stayed the place would be thronged by people from all religions and regions. He would view the audience with a  penetrating look and then reading the mind of every one present there come out with parables, enigmatic aspirations and some times direct or indirect predictions which would suit one or the other in the audience. He would seldom talk directly but would go on dictating to anybody  present containing answers to many mental queries of the people sitting there.

Babh's spiritual assets were inexhaustable and never diminishing. He would grant boons, favours from his spiritual assets. He was considered the Defence Minister of India. Once he was staying with us at Jammu where he had come by a taxi. After a few days he abruptly left for Delhi; enroute the car ran on simple water when its petrol was exhausted (mentioned to me by the taxi driver) and therefrom to Bombay. In Bombay he went to the International Airport. Indira Gandhi had left for some foreign country by a plane which developed some trouble after some time. The plane had to come back and land at Santa Cruz Airport. Babh was seated in a chair all along till Mrs. Gandhi landed. Then she left by another plane. Babh left the airport saying that his job was done.

He had named me Hari Singh and if I did not visit him for some time he would send word through some common source to complain to Hari Singh (i.e. me) that he had not seen Babh for quite some time and should see him.

He predicted my elevation to the Bench at least three years before I became a judge, in fact took me to the room which I later occupied, telling me that that was my room.

Just a week before the death of my mother, who died suddenly, he consoled my father that the inevitable has to happen and he should reconcile. None could understand what he said.

Once Nandbabh was staying with us at Srinagar. He asked my niece, then a college student, to sit before him on the bed. Babh wept bitterly and used a language normally used at mourning ceremony. We could not understand anything, but after three years my niece died at a young age of 21 years in a far off place leaving behind her a 21 days old infant.

When I became an M.L.A. in 1962 after the declaration of results he immediately went to the Returning Officer's (D.C.'s) office and sealed all the election files.

Once a serious delivery case in the family was admitted in the nursing home at 5.a.m. Babh came at 10 a.m. and sat at our place. He continued to sit till 4.30 p.m. when he asked me to take down that all worries of Janki Nath Bhat were over and all was well. He kept me busy writing chits all the day. Immediately after he left, a telephonic call from the nursing home informed me about a safe delivery.

I once could not go to him for two or three months. Meanwhile I contacted an eminent saint from outside the State. I had further commitment with him. When I met the Babh later on he did not up approve of my taking initiation from a foreigner and disclosed all that had taken place between that saint and myself with dates. I was astonished.

A certain officer was prosecuted, and he was, according to all possible calculations, to be convicted very soon. I requested Babh to save him, stating that I had never asked for any favour except this. Babh never replied nor looked at the official. Within two weeks the officer was acquitted, against all expectations.

Babh was interested in a highly placed government official who had been prosecuted on the charges of corruption. It was a very serious case. I did not then know the Babh so much, but I was the counsel for the official. Babh made me write pages after pages; all unintelligible for me, but at the end made me write that Mr. so & so is honourably acquitted. The allegation against the officer was that he had used Government marked material in the construction of an annex (which according to all knowledgeable sources was correct). When the presiding officer visited the spot, the annexe was demolished in his presence but the government marked material was found nowhere resulting in an honourable acquittal of the officer against all calculations and expectations.

Once we were coming back from Haari Ganiwan a place which Babh frequently visited. Near the Wail bridge over Sindh river, the road was blocked due to some electric wire having fallen on the road (a rare phenomenon at such a place). All traffic came to a halt and our car too had to stop. The highest officer of the Forest Department was also there. (I was then a judge of the High Court). Babh was seated in the front seat. As soon as the officer saw Babh Ji he fell at his feet and Babh ji muttered something about some construction. I was almost in charge of that construction. I got the hint and made a request to the officer about timber for Babh's residence at Nunar which was under construction. The construction had come to a halt for want of timber. The officer said that his present job was due to Swami Ji and he prom- fulfilled.

During the 1965 invasion on Kashmir by Pakistan Nandbabh spent so many nights in the big compound of Shri Bal Kak Dhar, a very important Kashmiri Pandit, and lit a fire all the time. One morning when I went to see him he was muttering something which I could not follow but one thing he said clearly was that Pakistani forces were going to capture Srinagar airport and he had to spend nights to avoid any such thing happening. Later it transpired officially that the Pakistani raiders had made all attempts to capture the Srinagar airport but failed. Again during that time we were assembled at the residence if Shri K.N. Kaul a close disciple of Babh Ji. Babh Ji too was present. We had performed a Hawan to ward off the invasion. A Pakistani jet over the Valley and we grew panicky but Babh assured us nothing could happen and on the insistence of Mrs. Kaul about our safety Babh remarked "Meine jo likh diya ab kya ishtam likh doon" meaning "I have already written down, should I give it on an affidavit."

Once my mother got seriously ill at Jammu. I sent a letter to Babh Ji requesting him for his blessings. A reply in his own hand said " Roag moma had, hale and hearty" ( meaning illness is puzzle, (she) will be hale and hearty ) My mother recovered soon. Later when we called on his Nunar residence he asked "How is Tekri Dedi now", naming  my mother as Tekri Dedi, who was with me. I said "Tekri Dedi is here to pay her respects to you", and he smiled.

My son was to be married. On the day of marriage when the Barat was about to leave thick clouds came over the sky and a shower of rain as well. I got upset because the bride's side had arranged an open party for my guests, including some VIPs, where they were to take their meals. But the rains did not come. Later on I learnt from the bride's people that about the time of arrival of Barat Babhji came there, looking at the sky said no rain should come as our Barat was coming. Actually no rains came.



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