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Chapter XII

My Memoirs about Nandbabh

by Pran Nath Razdan

(Another devotee of Swami Nandlal Ji, Sri Pratt Nath Razdan of Batyar Ali Kadal (presently at 27-New Plots, Jammu) writes lapis experiences and memoirs about Swami Nand Lal Ji - authors)

Shri Razdan Ji says that he had an ardent desire to see and meet spiritual people and saints. He used to accompany his father, a great devotee of Mata sharika Bhagwati, to Hariparbat. This practice continued with Shri Razdan Sahib till he left Srinagar in 1990. Stating   that during his life he has come across a number of spiritual  persons who have blessed him and one among was Swami Nandlal Ji also.

Shri Razdan sahib writes that for the first time he was attracted to watch Swami Ji was when he saw him moving about in the streets if Srinagar in his usual dress (already described at several places). He found in his a tall man of robust health with ruddy cheeks and   dazzling demeanor and he would bee before him in reverence whenever he would meet him.

Time passed and Sri Razdan joined service. He had the fortune of having the Darshan of Swami ji in 1968, when he was staying with one Dhar family at Karan nagar, Srinagar. Shri Razdan was himself putting up nearby at Balgarden, Srinagar. This enabled Shri Razdan to have Swami Ji's Daershan almost daily in the morning and in the evening and seek his blessings. Swami Ji could rightly read the  vibrations of the minds of people and come out with his reactions without being asked. All this was by intuition. He could anticipate the coming occurances well in advance and his predictions would invariably come true. He was really a Quallandar with sharp vision

Swami Ji's 'parvanas' and predictions were also recorded in a register which Shri Razdan Sahib feels must have been preserved by Shri K.N. Kaul or wherever he stayed. Shri Razdan cites a few of episodes he has encountered as:

1. Miraculous Doctor and Messiah episode:  In his normal mood one day he muttered aloud to himself, "Be alert and active. Pack up your baggage and leave for Achabal." It was a general utterance addressed to none in particular.

Next day, I attended my office duty. I was surprised to receive an order of transfer to Achabal. He recollected what Swami Ji had muttered in the congregation the previous day. A couple of days later, I decided to pack up and join my new place of posting. Before doing so, I went to Swami Ji to seek his blessings.

With his blessings and permission I went to 'Achabal' and joined my duty there.

After a week or so, unfortunately my wife developed serious female trouble. The top most medical men of the town examined her and prescribed medicines and injections etc. But all in vain. My wife's condition deteriorated day by day. Swami Ji's name and personality revolved in my mind all the time. I felt exhausted and lost all hopes of my wife's recovery.

In this depressed, helpless condition, on day to my surprise an unknown messenger came and knocked at my door. I came out to see as to who was knocking at the door.

The messenger promptly informed me that some body in a taxi was waiting for me on the roadside. I went to see who it was.  Surprisingly I spotted Swami Ji sitting on the front seat of the car  with one of his disciples named Prabhawati seated on the rear seat.  I knew her. On reaching near the car I bowed before Swami Ji.

Swami Ji was prompt and good enough to encourage me saying " Do not worry. She will be alright before the evening and serve you tasty meals just in the evening."

All this was spontaneous on his part without asking for it. Swami Ji asked Prabhawati to hand over a bread that they had brought for my wife from Srinagar.

Swami Ji tasted a bit of the bread and then handed it over to me. He asked me to feed my wife on it just then and left without saying anything more.

I fed her as directed and lo! and behold! the hopeless condition and seriousness of the disease of my wife dried and evaporated  unnoticed. She was alright in no time to the wonder and surprise of the medical people who had treated her. She prepared our meals and served it to us as usual in the evening.

This is how a spiritual wonder of the cross vibrations of the master and the disciple worked.

Needless to point out that in his morning congregations Prabhawati said to me at Achhabal " Swami Ji had addressed the audience  saying that somebody was dying at Achabal, I must go to attend to her and see that she is alright. He ordered for a taxi, purchased a bread and that is how we came here."

What a clairvoyant and telepathic vision !

2. The second episode reported by Shri P.N. Razdan Sahib relates to Shrawan Purnamashi (Full moon night on Sawan (July/Aug) Month incident at Pahalgam. It is also the Rakhshya Bandan day on which people go to Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir. Once on this night Mr. Razdan saw Swami Ji making lines on the road. He would mark it only up a particular spot and turn back immediately. Next morning there was a cloud burst and the Amarnath yatris had to face great troubles. They were weeping and mousing. The cloud burst had swept a crowd in the current of gushing waters. Perhaps Swami Ji's lines indicated a halt and warning to passengers not to proceed further beyond a point. What a prediction.

Shri Razdan says that recollection of such symbolic and direct predictions addressed to the congregations can in a general manner prove soul purifying and spiritual elevating.



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