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Chapter XIII

My Encounter with Nand Lal ji

by Shamboo Nath Dhar

(Mr. Shamboo Nath Dhar from Agra has given the following details of his encounter with Swami Nand Lal Ji. Mr. Dhar had a full sized photograph of Swami Ji at his residence in Srinagar, but had to leave it along with other belongings when he left Srinagar in 1990 because of militancy - authors).

Mr. Dhar writes:

I was a small boy of about 7 when I first saw Nandbab, I was going to my school situated at Fateh Kadal. One day there was a  procession or the main road. It was of Muslim brothren shouting against Maharaja Hari Singh. Swami Nand Lal saw the procession passing. Suddenly we heard from the crowed that "Bilcha Mout" is coming. The procession slowed its pace and made for the "Bilcha Mout" to go. He was Swami Nand Lal, dressed in a military uniform with a spade on his shoulders, striding along the road, with a big vermillion mark his forehead. He was awesome to look at. He spoke nothing but passed the way in a commanding position. Every one respected him and feared him.

Time passed by. I graduated but was unemployed. I had ample time to roam about and divas keen to know about the Mastana Nand Babh. Soon Kashmir was raided by the tribals called Qauabailies. In one day saw Nand Lal near the old secretariats. He had a long lathi (staff) in his hand which he used as if he had a gun in his hand. He fired, so to say, at the Maharaja's flag that fluttered at the secretariat. Within a few days time only there was change in the State Government and National Conference took over the reigns of the State Government.   I realised that Nand Babh had the vision to foresee things and events. He would usually express himself through his actions and postures.

After some time I was employed in the A.G's office in Srinagar. I encountered a miracle wrought by Nand lal Ji . In AG's office there is a section called Book-Section. One day the superintendent of that section was on leave. The seat was vacant. It happened that Nand Babh suddealy came to that room. There was commotion. All stood up as a mark of respect for the Swami. He pointed his staff towards a junior clerk and asked him to occupy the vacant chair. He did as directed to please Swami Ji and avoid his wrath. With in a couple of days the clerk got out-of-turn promotion and was made an accountant in  Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. No one expected it, but it did happen.

What a prophecy !

During early days of my service I was once taken ill. I had to be on leave. I felt bored sitting idle but my doctor would not allow me work. However, one day Nand Babh came to our house. He asked for  tea. It was willingly given. Thereafter he told my wife to put on the coat that was hanging on the peg for long time. This was obediently followed. The next day on my doctor's advice I joined my duty quite hale and hearty. I felt that Nand Babh helped his devotees in mysterious ways.

We lived in the neighbourhood of one (late) Suraj Bhan Bali at Chota Bazar, Srinagar. He was a teacher in Biscoe school. In 1952 Nand Babh was staying there for a some time. At times, I would go to join his Darbar, early in the morning. I have seen him singing bhajans on a broken sitar so devotedly that tears welled up in his eyes. He wasindeed a devotee (Bhakt) of that order.

During 1952 I have seen Mrs. G.M. Bakhshi (a former Prime Minister of J&K State ) many times in the audience of Nand Babh Ji. She had ample faith in Nand Lal Ji. Soon in 1953 Bakhshi Sahib became the Chief Minister of the State.

One day my wife was taken ill. In spite of medical attention her ailments continued. One day she went to see Nand Babh Ji at the residence of Pandit Kashmi Nath Kaul at Karan Nagar. The hall was full of people. When Nand Lal Ji saw my wife entering the hall, he beckoned her to come to the first row in front of him. This done he directed her to get some fried fish. He returned, purchased some fish fried it and came back to Nand Lal Ji. Receiving the fish Nand Babh Ji distributed all the pieces among the audience there and then. My wife came back, she was free from all ailments and without medicines. 

What a miracle!
(Address of Pandit Shaboo Nath Ji is: 

A-25, Kamla Nagar, Near Post Office, Agra U.P. 282004.)



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