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Chapter XIV

Nand Babh

by Dr. H. K. Kaul

Stretching my memory back to my early years of childhood (early forties), I remember to have come across this great saint living in Srinagar near my house in those days. For me the actions he exhibited in public were naturally incomprehensible. As the years rolled by, I had the opportunity to see and hear more and more of this great man. As a consequence I developed admiration and respect for this great man. I was neither a regular visitor nor a devotee. But things happened and shaped in such a manner that I was bestowed with a huge tally of his blessings and prophesies, which without an exception turned out to be true. It is neither possible nor wise to narrate all of them. I shall mention briefly only a few of these to express my reverence to Swami Ji.

In late fifties, I was working as a junior doctor in a dispensary in Srinagar. Through the window I could see Swami Ji coming in to the area with his "sewaks" and paraphernalia. It was unusual to think of him coming to a crowded dispensary. There was another senior doctor also working in the dispensary and working on the same table. But Swami Ji negotiated the way and came straight to the place where I was working. He gazed at my face for a while and a cascade of tears started rolling down from his eyes. This continued almost for an hour, with other things in between. He would ask me to kiss the "Rachhi" (locket) he wore across his neck. He hugged me several times, and all the time floodgates of tears were opened. This turned out to be a miracle for me. In the same week I became a victim of a lethal mob attack. With the grace of God and blessing of Swami Ji I came out of it with no residual disease or deformity.

One day at dawn, I along with my wife went to Swami Ji in  Karan Nagar. He was alone in his room with a resplendent face, reciting some "slokas" loudly. He was in a very fine mood. I had to seek his advice on an issue where I was a victim of indecision. I never asked Swami Ji anything, but he would pour out the replies promptly on his own. In his sweet monologue, he told me that, I should not leave my home for foreign lands and all my genuine demands have already been sanctioned. He gave a me a clear and lucid picture of the country where I wanted to go on a foreign assignment. He had such a clear vision which could convince even a dull person.

By narrating these brief anecdotes just a bird's eyeview of the command he had in making prophecies with more than computerised accuracy is presented here.

My respectable homage to Swami Ji, for I owe him a lot indeed.

(Dr. H.K.Kaul 1720/XV, Panchkulla, Haryana )



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