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Chapter II

The Wonder Saint of Kashmir

by Prem Nath Razdan (Mahnoori)

The Chit Episodes

In one of his resting places in Karan nagar, Srinagar, a lady offered him, and all others present there, tea. He, as was his wont, gave her an open chit with the following words written on it: "Hamare Baad Kashmir Main Sheikh Sahib".

She handed over the chit to her father-in-law who immediately interpreted it to imply that Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah might come back to Kashmir politics. Soon after that, though none expected such a welcome return at the time, hot rumors began to trickle in to this effect which ultimately came true in 1975, with the signing of the Centre-State accord, better known as Indira-Sheikh Accord, and popularly known as Kashmir accord when Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah took  over the reins of the J&K State Administration into his hands as its Chief Minister.

Swami Ji left for his heavenly home in 1973 and Sheri-Kashmir went  personally to the Karan Nagar cremation ground to lay wreath on his mortal remains there. Soon after he became the Chief Minister of the State in 1975. Such an honour was found to enhance his presence  and restore his popularity and dignity. On the Horns of Dilemma Between the Devil and the Deep Sea

One Pandit Qazi, an Executive Engineer and Swami Ji's devotee, on going to his normal visit to Swami Ji, while leaving his home, had promised his father that he would not take meat on that day, an auspicious holy day. There he took his seat near Swami Ji. Soon 'Teher-te-charven' (turmeric coloured cooked salty rice and the liver of sheep), an usual offering by Kashmiris on some auspicious functions, was brought by one of the devotees for distribution. The above mentioned engineer found himself embarrassed. He felt to be on the horns of a dilemma. On one hand he had promised his father that he would not take meat that day and on the other hand he dare not decline the offer of such a "prasad" and "navied". He was deeply brooding over the issue; a storm in his mind created a tempest like situation in him.

Surprisingly, unlike the usual and normal practice of starting districting the "prasad" from the end where Pt. Qazi was sitting near the Swami Ji, the donor started from the other end. When he reached the engineer, he by-passed him and went on distributing the "Navied" from a man sitting next to him, to his great relief.

How amusing !

Transmission of Energy

One young Mr. Qusba in U.S.A. got his pancreas damaged in an accident in his own car. At one stage, in the hospital he was declared very serious. His parents who were in Srinagar were informed telephonically  about the accident and his condition. His uncle got restless and could not get a wink of sleep during whole night. Early next morning  he went to Swami Ji, staying at that time across the street. Sensing Qasba Sahib's agony, he said, " How will one live on empty stomach" implying that the victim was not given any food to eat. After a few days at another place nearby, he said " Bring some tea for us to drink." Qasba Sahib asked the victim's mother to comply. A third time "Kheer" (rice cooked in milk and sugar) was demanded. This too was complied which was followed by solid food. Dates of all these events had been recorded by the concerned. Direct telephone calls were exchanged between Srinagar and the U.S.A. On his return for a short sojourn to the Valley after his full recovery the victims confirmed the dates when he was administered glucose, given tea to drink, semi-solid and solid food to eat and so on.

Surprising: Marriage Fixed

One of the well educated, saintly daughter of a family with whom Swami Ji stayed for more than a decade was quite averse to marriage. She would not agree to get married. This was a very serious problem for the family. Once when the family had gone out with Swami Ji, on way back Swami Ji touched the door of a new building saying, "This house is for (giving the name of the girl) to look after". Nobody among the party understood what he meant; even the girl herself did not understand what he meant by it. The mystery got revealed quite after some time when the girl was married to a boy from the family living in that house.


Once while Swami Ji was dictating something to someone as usual, he was holding a hot cup of tea in his hand. Suddenly some one (perhaps a child, I cannot recall who), knocked his arm throwing down the hot tea on his arm. Immediately blisters became visible on the arm. It was a very painful situation, but Swami Ji still held the cup of tea in his hand and continued dictating unmindful of the excruciating  pain in the arm he must have been obviously experiencing.

Absurdity of logic: Ego humbled and logic mellowed down

One day I happened to drop in one Mr. K. N. Kaul's house where Swami Ji lay on a cot with a prominent Muslim devotee sitting on the floor just near the shoulder-leg of the cot surrounded by an august gathering of other people of equally high status in the society. I quietly took seat near the feet-side of the cot looking towards Swami Ji.

Some of those dignified gentlemen were found busy in drawing and painting maps either of India or Asia or world. (I do not recollect exact details). A few of these maps were pasted on the walls. A flash of evil thought overtook my mind; why should such intellectuals of high standing undertake to do such a petty job of little utility? I felt uneasy and was feeling as if I was sitting on a bed of thorns there. And lo! Instantly a gentle glow of serene light shown over the Indian Ocean on the South West of Sri Lanka which attracted my eyes and absorbed any attention. My ego was humbled down and all my logic mellowed and rendered absurd. I turned my fallen face towards Swami Ji with humble feeling simmering in my mind as if to seek Swami Ji's permission to leave.

To my great relief, Swami Ji very affectionately moved his right arm to permit me off.



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