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Chapter IV

The Transcendental Authority

Some more incidents and predictions, direct or indirect, in riddles. These have been narrated to Shri P.N. Razdan by several people during these years of migration, since 1990 onwards. Among those who have narrated these are some eye-witnesses to these events and include Shri B.N. Wali, Shri O.N. Warikoo, Shri Shanti Sus, Shri O.N. Thusoo, Shri Ghulam Mohd. and many others.

Riddle of success in every field

One Mohamad Abdullah Malik (*) is a pious and devout Muslim spiritualist who spares no pains to help the poor and helpless people. One of his intimate friends told me that from the very start of his service in an important department of the Government, he has been and is spending a substantial portion of his salary (and now his pension) to mitigate the sufferings of the needy.

He and his friend B.N.Wali, shared all sentiments, feelings as thoughts as well as spiritual experiences with each other.

*(Note: He reminds me of that great unmatched Headmaster of C.M.S. Central Biscoe High School who was famous for his scholarship in English, Urdu Persian, Sanskrit and Arabic, his saintliness sociability together with a commanding roar like that of lion, perfect human attitude and self sacrifice. No doubt that he could spend much on widows, as Malik Sahib. He saved from drowning in river Jehlum his neighbour at mid-night (a suicide attempt to escape painful illness), in mid winter when he was a septuagenarian. The residences of both were close by on the river bank.)

Despite his academic merit and general intelligence, Malik Sahib failed in his departmental examination in his first attempt. After this he filled in his examination form for a second time, when he tried to persuade his friend also to take a chance. But since the latter was a fresher in service he declined. A few days later, when Shri Malik had completed his examination, he asked his friend just to see Swami Ji in this connection as till then he had heard much about his spiritual powers from others. Shri Wali did as desired. He told Swami Ji about his friend, Shri Malik's concern. Oddly enough, Swami Ji's reply was direct and spontaneous as if he knew everything about him.

"Your friend Mohd Abdullah will pass all examinations," Swami Ji said.

On hearing about the prophecy, Shri malik showed his inclination to pay his respects to Swami Ji in person. Both went there after a few days and Mr. Wali introduced his friend repeating his previous concern and request to Swami Ji. The passionate appeal evoked a quick and positive response. As narrated to me it stands as follows:

Imtihan yak taraf/Mohd Abdullah malik Yak Taraf

Ba Hukum Swami Nandlal;

Mohd Abdullah sub imtihan main pass.

(Examinations on one side; and Mohd Abdullah Malik on theother; By Order of Swami Nandlal, Mohd Abdullah Malik passes all examinations).

The said order was written by Swami Ji himself and handed over to Malik Sahib before getting it recorded too.

Whereas the first part of the prediction obviously meant that Malik Sahib would succeed irrespective of examinations, the second part predicted his success in all aspects and tests of life. This was  substantiated by the events that followed. To Shri Malik's dismay his name was missing from the list of successful candidates. The pass percentage of successful candidates was only 18 %. When they contacted Swami again his reaction to this was the same as before. And when his attention was subsequently drawn to the list of marks cards issued under the signature of the All India Chief Registrar, Swami Ji was consistent in his response.

Swami Ji wrote again and dictated the order for the so-called record, before its issuance to Mr. Malik in person. The order read as:

Ba Hukam-I Swami Nandlal, Mohd Abdullah Malik, Walado - Malik, Sakin - Srinagar - sub imtihan main pass

BY order of Swami Nandlal, Mohd Abdullah Malik s/o - Malikr/o - Srinagar, passes in all the examinations.

In the meantime, there was a violent demonstration in South India in protest against the low result percentage. The basis of the massive demonstrations was the usual complaint that a large proportion  of the questions were out of syllabus.

On investigation the grievance was found to be quite justified and  genuine. And so, the concerned authorities were compelled to approve an increase of 10 per cent marks as grace marks to all the candidates. This raised Mr. Malik's score from 52% to 62% when the requisite pass percentage was put at 60%. Mr. Mohd Abdullah Malik was as such declared successful.

What a transcendental intuition Swami Ji possessed.

Pounding the Husk: The riddle of failure

In early seventies one Superintending Engineer's wife had made her daughter to deposit fees for getting her Mathematics answer books re-checked in Matriculation Examination in the J&K School Board of Education; the basis being that the girl had subsequently   solved the whole paper correctly at home.

Because of her over anxiety and concern the girl's mother went to seek Swami Ji's blessings in the matter. No sooner did she enter the jam-packed room she was greeted with a riddle addressed to the whole gathering:

Aamein pannan veti zeil chhi diwan

Aawlin pannan beyi phir chhi diwan

"They are projecting finger tips to probe through raw thread, they are violently swirling tiny delicate (weak) threads".

Obviously this was a negative reply to her wish, which the lady could not understand. The lady, in self deception, left convinced that something good was being done in favour of her daughter, as expressed by her to the author. But alas! to her dismay, the final outcome of the re-checking was negative.

This is exactly what the Swamiji had actually conveyed to her in the riddle, but she had not understood the meaning behind it.

Riddle of success

In a similar case of B.Sc. Examination, a certain candidate, one Sh. Quasba was indirectly asked to see the concerned Board authorities about his actual results. The candidate is said to have taken it lightly as he had the impression that nothing concrete had happened before, nor did he expect it to happen then. But all the same, his parents insisted that he should deposit the re-checking fee. On re-checking some discrepancy was found in the marking of the papers and he was declared successful. This was narrated by the candidate himself to the author.



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