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Chapter VI

The Succession Problem

Bakhshi, Shams-u-Din and Sadiq

By a strange coincidence, Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad, the Budshah or Sah-i-Jahan of modern Kashmir as people called him and was a poor man's hope, is said to have reached the scene near Aishmuquam on way to Pahalgam just when Swami Ji was asking Mr. O.N. Thusoo to fill his (Swami ji's) car with petrol. On seeing him from a distance, Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad is said to have rushed to pay his respects to him and offered petrol from his own car as a matter of courtesy and respect.

Strangely enough, Swami Ji is said to have declined the offer. Instead, he is said to have demanded back his pen, which he had given to Bakhshi Sahib and was retained by him. It spelt the proverbial doom for Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad, who understood the meaning and significance of the event. He could grasp the outcome and became gloomy.

Later the car is said to have been refueled on payment for the return journey by Mr. Thusoo.

Being a close disciple of Swami Ji Mr. Thusoo ventured to ask the Swami Ji the reason for refusal.

Giving a pin point description of Shamas-u-Din Sahib, Swami Ji said, " Some robust, stout man wearing a big fur cap and hailing from rural area, must have a chance to ...." Mr. Thusoo got the clue.

As narrated by Mr. Thusoo to the author, he turned pale and was overwhelmed by a spell of gloom.

Tuning up his nerves, he said to Swami Ji in a sad tone, "Swami Ji, my hostile Chief Engineer is a close friend of this man. And this spells ruin for me...."

" God is great. Don't worry. It is only a temporary measure. Another well built wise man wearing a fur cap and spectacles may take his place" came the prompt reply. This consoled Mr. Thusoo.

And it was Gulam Mohammad Sadiq who took over from Mr. Shams-u-Din as the next Chief Minister.

Reward and Punishment

Puzzling incident of Hakim Sham Lal Bhat

One Thusoo Sahib was over engaged in connection with the construction and development of Ganderbal Power House. He could not find time to visit Swami Ji at Nunar for several weeks.

On his next visit to Swami Ji, he was asked the reasons of his absence for so long.

" Swami Ji, I was too busy at the site to find time for the visit" was the reply.

"O, Is it so ? All right go to Shyam Bhat", he retorted. (Pandit Shyam Lal Bhat was a famous unani physician (Hakeem) of Habba Kadal, Srinagar).

No sooner did Mr. Thusoo reach home than he fell severely ill and was restless with excruciating pain. He became unconscious and even went into coma several times. Top most doctors of the time   attended to, but with no relief. The vital stage of the construction of the Ganderbal Power House suffered. The concerned engineering staff including the Chief Engineer, visited him at home. At last his Chief Engineer suggested that he should be taken to the famous Unani  physician Shri Shyam Lal Bhat, who happened to be his family physician.

The suggestion worked and Mr. Thusoo got examined and  finally treated by Hakeeem Shyam Lal Bhat. He recovered and visited Swami Ji before attending to his duty.

'Swami Ji, what did you do? " He said meekly, "I suffered too much for too long".

" That was destined. None could help it", came the reply.

Miscellaneous Predictions

Tea and Salary Episodes

a) Once Swami Ji, while at Thusoo Ji's home at the Darigund village, had tea several times. He called Mrs. Thusoo again soon after sipping empty a hot cup of tea. He asked her to prepare a few cups of tea again.

Thusoo Ji enquired, "Swami Ji, you had tea just now, would it not be harmful" ?

" No, my boy; a guest is coming. He must have tea just now", he replied.

And lo! and behold! Grata Mout,another mastana stepped in along with Mrs. Thusoo, who was carrying fresh tea.

And so all partook of it.

b) Mr. Thusoo joined his service after training. He was not given any increment for sometime as his relations with the Chief Engineer  were not good.

One day he pointed it out to Swami Ji and in reply was told that he was going to get two increments soon. This came out to be true soon after.

c) In 1965 a burqua clad woman once approached Swami Ji to plead for her husband who had gone to fight the Indo-Pak war. She was pining for information about his whereabouts and return to home. In reply she was told to prepare to receive him that very day. She was happy to do so and receive him that very evening, as narrated to the author by Mr. O.N. Warikoo who probably knew the lady and her husband.

d) Once at Hashias, Swami Ji handed over a book on Engineering to  V.K. Warikoo, telling him that he had something to do with such books. Soon, as the author was told by V.K. Warikoo's father Shri O.N. Warikoo, his son was admitted in the engineering College at Srinagar. On completing his training course he was employed in the Govt. service in his own State. He is presently working as an Assistant Executive Engineer.



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