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Chapter VII

Puzzling Decision

Date of death predicted in a dream

One Jia Lal of Srinagar lay ill on his death bed. All the close relatives had assembled for his last darshan. One of his sons quietly went to inform Swami Ji about the serious condition of Pandit Jia Lal Ji. He told him about his father's struggle beteween life and death. " But no, your father has to live for six months more. I will pre-inform you three days before his demise. Don't you worry on this score," Swami Ji told the son.

And lo! and behold! Jia lal recovered and regained his health. Exactly three days before his (Jia Lal's) death, Swami Ji appeared in his son's dream on 29th October telling him, "I have come to inform you, as promised, that there are only three days left for ... You know and remember .... what I had told you that day."

The information trickled down somehow to each and every member of the family and close relatives who could not reconcile with the prediction. They thought it was only a dream.... an outcome of a perturbed mind, as Jia Lal was quite healthy now. He had never so far been enjoying such a good health and happy association. They found it impossible to think in terms of his death.

But, no they were wrong to think so. Jia Lal died all of a suddden due to heart failure and that too on November 2nd, exactly three days after the dream.

Cultural Rebuttal

Reading the mind at the spur of the moment

One day one Mohini Raina/Qasba of Calcutta attended a congregation   presided over, as per daily routine, by Swami Ji himself. After having a couple of sips of tea, Swami Ji passed it on to others to partake of it. Raina's mind revolted on watching the spectacle from a distance.

No sooner did her tongue began to vibrate inside her closed mouth, than quick came the response from Swami Ji, "If a brother shares a brother's/sister's tea, is it wrong" ?

The lady was surprised and mum at the retort.

But her sentiments were not allowed to be hurt as she was not offered the tea and therby her dignity and honour not touched.

A Veiled Prediction

A renowned geologist and scientist and leader of the second Indian Expedition to the snowy continent of Antartica, Pandit Vijay Raina of Panchkula, Haryana, who built hutments for Indian enclave there before starting their experimentation there, once attended Swami Ji's gathering of devotees around him.

Mr. Raina has naratted to the author how Swami Ji suddenly interrupted a long boistrous talk, as was his wont, by a remark, "Won't we feel exhausted in blazing heat going up and moving down the hills and dales of Jammu ? Would not we pine for the cool breeze of the Chinar trees there ?

Nobody understood the riddle as it was many years before the migration, then. And, the valley was as peaceful and tranquil as for all the centuries of cordiality as in the past.

The truth dawned upon us in the winter months of 1990. Let us hope and prey that the name of violence on all sides will quell and spiritual calm return to the Valley along with the safe return of the section of harangued migrants, the original inhabitants of the Valley. Let it once again truly become the heaven on the earth.



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