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The Inspired Sage of Accomplishment

Jankinath Kaul 'Kamal'

deham ca nasvaramavasthitamuthitam va
siddho na pasyati yotadyagamat svarupam
daivadapetamuta daivavasadupetam
vaso yatha parikrtam madiramadandhah
(Bhagvata Bk. XI, Ch. 13, Ve. 36)
Drunk deep, one becomes unmindful,
Knows not about the cloth he wears -
Whether it's fallen off the body or held on to the shoulder;
Likewise, the sage of spiritual attainment
In disembodied joy of Divine Ecstasy,
Knows not about this transient body -
Whether he retains it by the power of destiny
Or has gone beyond it by Grace Divine [1].
deho pi daivavasagah khalu karma yavat
svarambhakam pratisamiksata eva sasuh
tam saprapancamadhirudhasamadhiyogah
svapnam punarna bhajate pratibuddhavastuh
(Bhagvata Bk. XI, Ch. 13, Ver. 37)
This body moves on the power of destiny
Unto the fruit of actions done in previous births;
The natural plan of whose commencement
Involves investigation, as if, of arrows
Shot formerly - whence and why;
But one in a meditation mood
Got firm in the knowledge of the Supreme Self,
Shares not the experience of manifest projection,
Just as a person, on waking from sleep,
Minds not his dream [2].
vag gadgada dravate yasya cittam
rudatyabhiksanam hasati kvacicca
vilajja udgayati nrtyate ca
madbhaktiyukto bhuvanam punati
(Bhagavat Bk. XI, Ch. 14, Ver. 24)
Whose earnest devotion melts the mind
And renders his speech convulsive,
Who frequently weeps, laughs on occasions
Unabashed sings aloud and dances;
Endowed with My Bhakti,
He makes mankind sinless [3].

[1]. Just as in the case of Lal Ded (of Kashmir) in her own expression:

'suy gav Lali me vakh ta vacun
tavay hyotum me nangay nacun.'
"To Lala, that precept inspired me:
Therefore, I took to roaming naked."

[2]. As is said about the accomplished sage:

prakasamane paramarthabhanau nasyatyavidyatimire samaste
tada' budhah nirmalavrttayo 'pi kincinna pasyanti bhavaprapancam (Yogavasistha)
"When the sun of spirituality shines bright
And the darkness of ignorance vanishes completely,
The wise, even with a purified mind-process,
Then, has no feeling of worldliness as himself."

[3]. This is the sign of a truly inspired sage:

etavadeva khalu lingamalingamurteh
samsanta samsrticirabhramanirvrtasya
tajnasya yatmadanakopavisadamoha -
lobhapadamanudinam nipunatanutvam. (Yogavasistha)
This alone is the sign of that non-distinct self,
Whose long-drawn rolling in births has ended,
And, who is tranquil on realisation - Thou Art That;

That his relative emotions -
Desire, anger, grief, delusion and greed,
Lose their weight day after day.




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