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The Portrayal of the Holiest of The Holy

by S. N. Dhar

1. To perceive the shapeless, blissful, essence of wisdom, beyond the impact of duality, His impact and greatness, is knowledge. To understand the Godhead, His deeds, qualities, impact, mystery and essence is service. Mysterious, beyond description conceivable only by the faithful.

2. Animate and inanimate; shapeless and with shape; perceivable and imperceptible; physical and minute; kind and merciful; tranquil and stable; knowledge and love, broad-minded and friendly, beautiful and fragrant; endless beginningless and transcendental; omnipresent; omniscient and omnipotent; All pervading and within the reach of the devoted.

3. In the beginning; there was nothing but God. After the creation, everything perceivable is God. Truth and untruth, Purushuttam, Ishwara is only God. Beyond the creation is Brahaman, blissful God. The cause of whole creation and beyond illusion is God. The soul of all souls, Deathless and beyond the limit of time. Unchangeable and unfathomable but all-pervading and within the reach of the faithful and devoted.

It was a pleasure to go through 'Patrika' published by Bhagawaan Gopi NathJi Trust, Talab, Tiloo, Jammu. The topics dealing with the holy saint's life and teachings inspired me to pen down the following which, if it pleases the holy Guru, may see the light of day.

In fact it is the good fortune of those who come in contact with a great Guru and thus liberate themselves from the cycle of birth and death by uniting with the divine Lord. A seeker of God is doubly born. He gets his birth from his parents and second birth from his Guru who puts him on the righteous path with the unfoldment of Brahama Jnana (knowledge Divine). In the words of a renowned poet, we can afford to displease the Lord, the father but not the Guru as without Guru we cannot perceive the unfathomable, beginingless, unending all pelvading universal soul.

It is as a result of good deeds that one becomes a true seeker and finds a master who leads him towards self realisation. Such masters come down to earth when it is enveloped by gloom and darkness of greed and selfishness. To save mankind from this gloom, the masters incamate and drive away the evil. Those who are pure, chaste and deselving follow their faith and save themselves from the quagmire of sin. The same was the condition when Bhagawaan Gopinath came in the human form. He has purified the faithful and with his all pervading spirit continues to guide the needy and the deserving.

To free oneself from the bondage of life and death, one has to seek union with the Lord through the technique of Yoga taught by saints like Bhagawaanji. For this it is necessaly that we obselve the discipline as preached by the masters fort the ultimate good. Lord Krishna advises Arjuna and the mankind to practise the divine technique of uniting with God, known as Yoga. What this technique is can only be given by masters like Bhagawaanji. Therefore, it is high time that in order to overcome the impending gloom we follow the techniques of Bhagawaanji. May all human beings be purified and led to the path of liberation by the sacred teachings of Bhagawaan Gopinath, the great master of modem times - Amen !



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