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Devotional Mysticism is an important part of all world religions. Without this, God would be only a philosophical concept for intellectual discussions. God is love and the devotee wants to feel the love of God and His mystic embrace. God is beautiful and the devotees want to adore Him, worship Him, praise Him and offer all that is best in him to God. God is Merciful and appears to His devotees in the form of Avtars and Saints to show His compassion. God comes in these forms to sustain the world, to destroy evil and to uphold righteousness.


Saints are salt of the Earth. It is by the prayer of a whole society that a saint is sent to this world to show mankind the path of Mukti (Liberation). Usually he will take birth in a poor family and leads very simple life. Through the examples of His life, He shows how Divine precepts can be adopted in daily life. The conversations, discourses and songs and literature which He leaves for posterity become invaluable treasure.


Blessed is the land and the parents that give birth to Saints. Time and again God sends His messengers to flood the world with devotion, dispassion and compassion. They are the source of Divine life and it is they who sustain the world.


Saints hallow this world. Whenever man forgets the ultimate purpose of life, saints appear and with the singing tide of their devotion redirect the course of humanity.


"I speak (in praise of) the Guru, who is Brahman Himself; I sing (the glories of) the Guru, who is Brahman Himself; I meditate on the Guru, who is Brahman Himself; I salute the Guru, who is Brahman Himself."


"Nothing is beyond the Guru; No one is above the Guru! Nothing surpasses the Guru; None is greater than the Guru! That is my commandment; I say authoritatively! I say so authoritatively; that is indeed my commandment."


Saints are beyond cast, creed, color and country. They belong to God and their approach is Universal. Their lives are examples for all of us in leading a Divine life of Universal love and service to God through humanity.


Guru Geeta:

In the Guru Geeta Lord Shiva beautifully elaborates the sublime role of the Guru in answer to the queries of the Divine paarvati.

The Guru Geeta deals with the sublime aspect of the Guru, who imparts the high special knowledge to the Shishya (disciple). Without the Guru's grace no progress in the Spiritual field is possible.

The Guru Geeta lays down how the Shishya (disciple) should look upon his Guru and act towards Him.

The Guru Geeta is an ancient Shashtra, which, among other things, mentions the qualities and greatness of a true Guru. In this Shashtra it is also mentioned that a regular recitation of it earns the disciple great merit and his Guru's abundant grace that lead him to the final beatitude.


Two Voices But One Truth


Spiritual Intuition revealed to me the one and the only one course of Self-education,
To adjure the ephemeral mundane and to ruminate over the perennial Sublime within.
This very self-striuen truth turned out to be a happy coincidence with 'Lalla'
Goading her on to dance in ecstacy of self-discipline, unmindful of The stark obsessions of Social norms.


 Spiritual mental discipline opened before me the one single secret of self-consciousness,
To reject the meshes of worlday life from without.
And to come face to face with the Sublime light within.
This very Self-sought revelation made 'Gopi' comprehend the exact import
Of Three Syllabic 'OM' and ruminate over it in Divine ecstacy.



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