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Cultural Heritage of Kashmir

Cultural heritage of Kashmir is as multi-dimensional as the variegated backdrop of its physical exuberance which has nursed and inspired it all along. Its sanctity and evergreen stature can be conveniently inferred from the chaste shimmering snow, with its virgin demeanor from top to toe, adorning the towering peaks of its mountainous periphery. Mellowing kisses of the sun endow these summits with a rosy blush lending perennial health to our warbling brooks, roaring waterfalls and sedate and solemn lakes. To crown all, this very nectarine glow has most meaningfully groomed our mental attitude to glean unity amidst seeming diversity.

Culture is always in a flux and ferment. It is a non-stop mental journey with no mile-posts to cool its heels upon. It is, precisely speaking, the cumulative expression of the values enshrined in the heart-beats of the denizens of this Happy Valley. The irresistible stamp of Buddhist compassion, Hindu tolerance and Muslim Zest for life is most unmistakably discernible from the attainments of Kashmiri mind and intellect.

In the foregoing web pages, we have made a humble attempt to portray this very salient trait of our culture.

 - by Professor K. N. Dhar
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Glimpses of Kashmiri Culture

Featured Collections

Kashmir: Crown of India
Kashmir occupies a special place in India, because of its geographic location, its scenic splendour, and its great contributions to the arts and culture of India. In the history of our Republic is written another chapter on the unique issue of Kashmir. Its strategic position adds one more dimension to the overall security of this sub-continent. >>>
Gems of Kashmiri Literature and Kashmiriyat
he author has taken great pains, despite his old age, to analyse with clarity and vision the spiritual philosophy of the three saint poets all of whom urge the sadhak to retire within, from without, as the best means of realising the Truth.  >>>
Glimpses of Kashmiri Culture
In the foregoing web pages, an attempt has been made to portray the universal truth that to-day is nothing but the rebirth of yesterday, with its heart-beats intact. Environs do change, irrepressible strains and stresses do haunt the body, yet the soul remains always unaffected and, consequently, unruffled. >>>
De Leij
A Cookbook of All Popular Kashmiri Dishes along with a Guide to Healthy Eating. >>>
Autumn Leaves: Kashmiri Reminiscences
Kashmir has a unique tradition of recording history. This book, in this tradition, presents the intimate life of a Kashmiri in the post-independence era. Such a personal story is a rarity in India. Ram Nath Kak draws compelling vignettes of everyday life; a hard childhood, life as a government official, drama of the war with Pakistan, meetings with mystics, and so on. >>>
Folk Tales from Kashmir
Nine hundred years ago a remarkable collection of stories called Kathasaritsagara, the ''Ocean of Stories", was produced in Kashmir. Somadeva, its author, is said to have included in this tome many stories which he had heard from others and which, in fact, had their origin in folk-literature.
Ticklish StoriesTicklish Stories
Plain narrations, conflicting psyches, clashes of self-interest fool-hardiness of conceit and egoism, heights of human attachments, potential confusion and chaos inheriting all misunderstandings and mischief as against the wisdom of sincerity of purpose and fearless frankness

Chander Bhat

Chander Bhat

Born on 20th March, 1960 in Murran a village in North Kashmir, Chander M. Bhat is presently working as an Assistant Supdt. Posts, in Department of Posts, Govt. of India. His articles regarding Posts and of non-political nature stand widely published in various papers and magazines of the country. >>>

Maharaj Krishen Raina
Born on 10th February 1948, at Chhattabal, Srinagar, Kashmir, Shri Maharaj Krishen Raina (MKR) is a civil engineer by profession. Having worked in his professional capacity at Baramulla in J&K Flood Control Deptt, at Uri in Uri Hydel Project, at Kangan in Civil Investigation wing of Power Development Deptt. >>>
  Moti Lal Kemmu 
Moti Lal Kemmu, noted playwright is a master of his craft. He has done renaissance work in the restoration of Kashmir’s vanishing folk theatre form, Bhand Paather. For nearly three decades he made strong efforts to give it a distinct identity, acceptability and respectability.
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