Gems of Kashmiri Literature and Kashmiriyat

The Trio of Saint Poets - I

by P. N. Razdan (Mahanori)

The fragrant flower garden of our great land tinged in the beautiful mosaic of variegated hues, irrigated by sacred rivers, fed by a fertile soil and enriched by mineral wealth, oceanic gems not for lassitude of luxury nor for evil designs but effectively guided by vigorous spiritualism of ancient heritage of India for self-confidence, self-reliance and similar positive 'Selves' to stem the tides of destructive storms of pseudo-secularism, fundamentalism, Communalism and such other negative 'ism' that tend to flicker out the consumed candle stick of Indian civilization at the end.

This in turn envisages a high degree of patriotic zeal to firmly knit together the fragmented, patchwork quilt of national integration to bring out and revive the cohesive union of warmth of hearts and constructive logic of minds with a keen eye on humanistic, domestic and international harmony in unison with global union of brotherhood vis--vis the humans and the ecological balance of the hydrosphere to reap the fruits of the bounty of natural gifts.

Dear Reader,

May you heed ... ???

(Born 1320, Death 1390 A.D)
Born at Pandraethan Village (ancient Puranadhisthana)

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About the Book
The two of us having gone through Shri P.N. Razdan's Gems of Kashmiri Literature And Kashmiriyat-1, declare that it is a work of loving labour, and of deep personal conviction, as is very pertinent to the time in which we live presently. We are touched. Whatever the author writes, and the way he interprets the three great saints of the valley, become meaningful universally.
About the Author
Mr. Prithivi Nath Razdan is one of the most knowledgeable but largely unrecognized intellectuals of Kashmir, now spending his days in Jammu as a migrant, I have had the good fortune of having been his student in C.M.S. School, Fatehkadal, Srinagar in the forties, Nearly half a century has passed. Almost every, week I have wondered how this shy intellectual with few means could fill himself with so much scholarship and also keep on radiating to others.
Although a large part of ancient literature in Kashmir was written in non-Kashmiri languages it, nevertheless, bears a close affinity with the Kashmiri Language. Several Sanskrit poets and writers of Kashmir have also written in Kashmiri. Likewise, many Kashmiri poets and writers have been influenced by the work of Sanskrit poets and literature.
Bio-Data and Background information
Lalded was married at the age of twelve to one Pandit boy at Pampore (ancient Padmanpora) where presumably she was renamed Padmawati, as per the Kashmiri Pandit tradition, by her-in-laws.
Lalla-Vaakhs (Translated)
The arrows of my wooden bow turned out
To be the pith of water rush grass;
The Rajdhani of the kingdom
Fell into the rustic hands of
A crude carpenter;
In the midst of a busy bazar,
Lockless remained my shop,
And a pilgrimmage less self.
I became:
Who appreciates, my friend.
In wonder, one gets absorbed into thinking whether these honey-sweet Vaakhs: Shruks and poems of the three saint poets described in this volume, that appeal to the heart, and stimulate the mind, are innate, intuitive or oozing fountains of eternal knowledge or clairvoyance.

Gems of Kashmiri Literature & Kashmiriyat
Gems of Kashmiri Literature & Kashmiriyat