Swami Nilkanth Ji

Swami Nilkanth Ji

Swami Nilkanth Ji Swami Nilkanth ji

His brother was Ramchand Janda, known in the vicinity of Drabiyar popularly as Ramajanda. He was a shopkeeper selling all sorts of goods besides healing people from various ailments. His eye drops were a guarded secret. Over the age of 90, he wore a white T-shirt and Khaki shorts and then you would see him riding his bicycle through the summer breeze of Srinagar. He would remand if some one just took only a little finger towards ones mouth, because it was not proper and he would always remind one with authority that it was not a good sign to get a belly. He himself was slim and tall and reached 100 years.

Courtesy: Mag. Kapil Kaul

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