Swami Syamanandji

Swami Syamanandji

Swami Syamanandji Maaharaj Swami Syamanandji Maaharaj
Swami Syamanandji Maaharaj was born at Ganpatyar, Srinagar in the Jattu family with the Gotra Dev Bardwaj. His original name was Som Nath. He lost his father Sh. Mahadev Jattoo at a very young age. Being the elder son of the family he took all the responsibilities of his family and worked hard to fulfill their needs.
He worked in the forest department for his livelihood. Once in the forest he met a sage who changed his vision about the life. He got totally reformed from a smoker and a meat-eater to a vegetarian and a non-smoker. He used to get up in the Bram muhurat early in the morning and start chanting the mantras. He used to carry a tumbler (Gagar) of water to Shankracharya temple from the Ganpatyar temple and offer the water to the Shiv Lingam there daily. This was carried out for the several years for the purification of his soul.
There is a historical village lying in the east of Achabal garden. This village was known as Brari Angan. Goddess Uma is said to have abode here in the lap of Himalayas. Swami ji developed a shrine for Mata Uma Bhagwati at this place. It is due to his efforts that this village is called Uma Nagri. Every year an annual yagya was performed here on Badra Sukla Paksh Astami.
After the exile of Hindus from Kashmir the shrine was destructed by the militants. Swami ji was disappointed due to this as he had spent several years of his life for the construction of this temple but he did not lose heart.
As a true karamyogi Swami ji gathered his strength and started a mission for the construction of another shrine at Jammu. Muthi was the place selected for the shrine. All the Ashram members joint hands and under the guidance of Swamiji a temple has been constructed. Annual yagna is being performed here every year on badra shukla pakh astami.
Swami ji lived in the Ashram for many years and on marg krishna pakh triyodashi 2005 Swamiji left us for heaven. Up to the end of the life Swamiji used to make a parthishwar and prayed to it everyday.
The Ashram people have made a statue of Swami ji so that he is  remembered for ever for his virtues and values. Every year on his sharda a fast is kept by his disciples.
Om shanti shanti shanti!!!
Courtesy: Umang Raina, and Priya Kaul

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