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Beginner's Luck

by S.P. Kachru  

All beginners are difficult and as an amateur scribbler of thoughts, I too ought to know this first-hand. Well, a blank white sheet searching an introductory sentence although that stage comes before the actual beginning. The real problem, in effect, is making a start.

Once one has started, just as I have at last, the magic formula which dwells in the beginnings for guarding and helping us to lead our lives, comes into its own. To start, begin or to embark upon a journey, are the magic words. They conjure up images of a morning breeze, the zephyr of 'Basant Ritu' springtime, a breath of youth. Here at last, I have started ... and now what?

Time to begin the next paragraph. Many describe beginnings as cheerful and that is presumably why we favour such boisterous celebrations at the start of a new year, welcoming it with donning of new apparels, arranging colourful decorations, convivial celebrations, exchange of gifts, fireworks and the like.

2007 is a new comer, a freshman, a greenhorn and we all declare our solidarity with it by becoming cheerful debutants independent of whether it is our 25th or 75th new year. The word greenhorn is often used as not very complimentary remark but I think this needs correction. Newcomers have every reason to be cheerful. They are conceded the right to make mistakes, and to bask in beginner's luck.

The great advantage of life as a debutant is the wealth of open and far stretched out opportunities. Freshmen or starters don't fail; they have only just begun. Debutants feel that they are at the entrance to the virgin territory. With their commendable initiative and drive, they are explorers of their own potential. That is why beginners radiate good cheer - for the very reason that they have embarked upon something new.

Now, of course, I am long past the beginning of my text. I have to think of bringing it to a close. There is much less joy in that, so let me dwell on beginnings a little longer.

Infact, I could even start all over again. A renowned singer says that he is no more than a beginner in his own affairs. To me that always sounded particularly promising, even though - may be precisely - because it is essentially an admission of a lack of routine. Imagine a beginner, a newcomer as someone who is more attentive and aware, seeking a path-breaking success.

At this point, one could easily argue that nothing leaves life poorer than starting much but completing little, but I object to that. Let us not allow a cheerful beginning to be spoilt by such long-term negative thinking. The end always comes soon enough, be it crowned with success or otherwise.

Take the opportunity to indulge in the beginner's euphoria. Let yourself be charmed. Now, as always, is a splendid time to start something new - a novel, a love affair of new relationship, an overseas chat pal, a new hobby. You could launch a humanitarian aid project, embark upon a journey to the Cape of Good Hope, or set some other new ball rolling. May be, you would like to simply start singing a song, learning to play keyboard, to knit a few stitches or invent a new source of energy. There are so many possible new beginnings. Beginning something new is fun. And I would be pleased if you can make some use of this column, because then I will not have to worry about the ending.

Navreh Mubarak.

Source: Milchar



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