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Track and Truth

by S.P. Kachru

One who answers a point even before having heard, brings embarrassment of folly to himself. That any truthful information and knowledge are unmistakable key to success is well known to all. Whenever someone tries to bypass the icy terrain of semi-truths, he does not find success in conclusion.

Truth, therefore, is like an indestructible plant, one may try to bury it under a rock but it is bound to prevail when the time comes. Education, upbringing and the degree of resultant acceptance of inter-personal values and concepts surely make up a major part of the true character that we display in day to day life. But none of us is in anyway immune to surprises since never may the difficulties and imponderability encountered in the search for truth discourage us from getting to the bottom of the obscure, in order to avoid falling foul of any deception or illusion. The closer we approach the truth, all the more thoroughly do we lay foundations for a well established verdict, a formal decision on the next turn to take. That may apply to interpersonal relationships too, in the attempt to solve the professional problems or even to forming an opinion on political issues which may seem vital to our future. It is common knowledge that truth becomes questionable whenever it becomes a political issue, at that point one is surely prone to add that manipulation of truth, the systematic dissemination of semi-truths or even malicious lies, does not only open the less pretty side of politics to public view, notwithstanding the fact that politics is not considered to be most reputable of occupations in our country by the vast majority. Even the so called yellow press and of course the unavoidable multiplicity of TV channels are already well known for the discrepancy between their highly profitable sensational headlines, breaking news, trumped campaigns, sting operations and behind the facade facts.

The moral stature of a Mahatma Gandhi may be light-years away from such business practices but it would nevertheless be much more recommendable starting point for more peaceful future. Gandhi ji is known to have stated that without truth it is impossible to apply any principles or regulations in one’s life, which mayfurther mean to convey that without truth there can be no peace. Truth is not made up of proofs but in reduction towards eventual simplicity. We may not all finally succeed in that quest but as that popular saying reminds us "Truth may go under now and again but never will it drown."

Source: Milchar



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