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The Art of a Cheerful Life

by S.P. Kachru

The only drug that may safely be certified as not only harmless but even a lasting success can surely only be cheerfulness. Never has it caused an untimely demise as has, for example, grief. The characteristic of a life elixir attributed to cheerful gaiety can befittingly be understood as good cheer is an emotion supporting as well as amplifying body’s power to act. Mournfulness, in contrast, an emotion which reduces and inhibits the body’s power to act. It is a peculiarity worthy of note that cheerfulness as an outstanding characteristic is all the more prevalent where affluence is lacking. One begins to wonder whether the rich blessing of sunshine in such otherwise underprivileged regions of this world could possibly be the sole reason for such a quite essential deviation from the norm set by the predominantly expressionless, often rushed and sullen looking inhabitants of the more temperate zones, with their grey skies but an average income entire orders of magnitude above what is typical for the south of the economic divide.

Impressions of this kind seem to stand out in stark contrast to the belief that he who aims for accomplishment has need to be cheerful. Now one cannot deny that many a chronic grumbler has been known to achieve his goal, but it seems to be safe assumption that a cheerful man will reach his goals with more ease and expedience. He is also less likely to consider his profession as a burden, all the more if he is able to acquire a new cheer from his daily work. Joy and good cheer are apparently siblings; they brighten our lives and have a more lasting influence on our well being than the most perfect combination of vitamins or other ingredients could ever provide.

Therefore, rightly recommended - great cheerfulness with open arms, whenever it may be, never comes at an inopportune moment. Our highly developed world is rife with contradicting answers to such queries as what hinders the cheerful populace in the sunnier climes, in their quest for liberty from poverty. And that may be for reasons influenced by levels of education, political compulsions and the like. He who is no longer able to hold the door open to cheerfulness may be unwittingly limiting himself to the occasional absurdity as a temporal escape from the earnest obsession inherent in the hustle of daily life.

Our famous film industry or theatre arts have a constant flow of such absurdities to offer. Let us rather remain cheerful, taking things in more humorous vein than they really merit, especially considering that we have been taking things more seriously than they deserve for such a long time. CHEERS to that thought for now and forever !!!

Source: Milchar



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