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chapter 27 chapter 27: A Kashmiri shawl merchant
A Kashmiri shawl merchant
A Kashmiri shawl merchant
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This concerns a conversation with a traditional shawl merchant about buying Kashmiri shawls. There is also a brief discussion of raphal shawls, pashmina shawls, k'amkha:b shawls, shahtoos, and ring shawls.

Shawl merchant: Greetings, sir. What are you looking for?

Ashok: I am looking for a Kashmiri shawl and a Kashmiri saree.

Shawl merchant: (Please) have a seat. I shall arrange for all the samples to be brought out.

Ashok: What types of shawls do you have?

Shawl merchant: We have shawls of raphal and of pashmina.

Ashok: But pashmina must be very expensive?

Shawl merchant: Yes, pashmina is more expensive than raphal.

Ashok: Is there anything even better than pashmina?

Shawl merchant: Yes, the k'amkha:b, shahtoos, and ring shawls are more expensive than pashmina.

Ashok: These must be very expensive?

Shawl merchant: Yes, these are more expensive than pashmina.

Ashok: What is this shawl made of?

Shawl merchant: This shawl is made of pashmina.

Ashok: This shawl has very fine embroidery on it, but the color is not good. Do you have a red or a white shawl?

Shawl merchant: Do you like that red shawl over there?

Ashok: I like its color, but the work on it is not good.

Shawl merchant: All right, we will show you another shawl, but its price is a little higher.

Ashok: If the shawl is good, the price does not matter.

Shawl merchant: See what embroidery and what color it has!

Ashok: Yes, this has good embroidery and good color, too. What is the length of this (piece)?

Shawl merchant: This is four yards long.

Ashok: What is its width?

Shawl merchant: Two yards.

Ashok: Is this pashmina or raphal?

Shawl merchant: This is very fine pashmina.

Ashok: How much does this shawl cost?

Shawl merchant: This shawl costs three hundred rupees.

Ashok: All right, I will buy it.

Shawl merchant: Would you like to buy something else?

Ashok: No, not today.

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