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Time and Space

by Dr.  Sushil Fotedar

Time and Space ("Kaala" and "Desh"--or in certain other contexts, "Aakasha"--in Sanskrit) have fascinated thinkers from times immemorial. Whether it is the western philosophers and scientists-or rather physicists- on the one hand, and eastern thinkers and mystics,  on the other,  people have tried to unravel these "categories" of existence and their impact on understanding the human condition. 

I would not venture deep into the scientific concept of Time and Space as that is best left to the experts
. Suffice it to say that the scientific explanation has progressed rapidly from the mechanistic notions of Newton to the complexity of Einstein wherein Time and Space are no more perceived as absolutes but as relative extensions of "n" number of flexible dimensions (how boring!!) With the advent of Quantum Physics things have now started to border dangerously on the mystical with the "Schrodinger's cat" and other such related concepts being the most mind-boggling

Among western philosophers
it was Immanuel Kant who tried to interpret these categories with the clear logic of the highest order. His magnum opusthe "Critique of Pure Reason" stands tall as one of the greatest achievements of the human mind. In this beautifully argued critique, Kant proposes that Both Time and Space are "a Priori" modes of knowledge i. e.,  they exist in the human mind independent of any empirical, i. e.,  sensoryexperience. Just imagine the beauty of this explanation at the practical level (this is my own interpretation, of course, and therefore, not scholarly)--Time and Space and thus, the worlds"arise" and "set" with the mind, with human consciousness. When I am born, the world is born and when I die, the world too dies. The worldwith Time and Space as it building blocks, is therefore Maya, i. e.,  a concoction of a group of "vasanas", which is called the "I", the "Me" or the "Myself"

Eastern mysticism
, in particular Trika Shastrahas dealt with the concepts of Time and Space extensively. In His divine descent through His Svatantrya Shakti, Bhairava "creates" the limiting Tattvas of Kaala and Desh and thereby conjures up the world with its opposing poles of "Aham" and "Idam", i. e.,  "I" and "This"-- thereby creating so many suffering beings like me who then again want to return to the source!!! Ah, what a Leela!!! (of course, again this is my own puny interpretation!!). The "jagat"(Idam) and the "I" (Aham) arise and set with the opening (Unmesha) and closing(Nimesha) of the Divine Eye

So brothers
who are but an extension of "Myself", let us awaken from this divine Yognidra and shake off the shackles of Time and Space and go beyond suffering into the realm of the "Turiya", the "fourth" statethe "Anirvachaniya" Bhairavahood. There is no "mann" thereno "buddhi", no "chitta", no "ahankara"(and no politics of course!!) just "Chidananda rupah Shivoham, Shivoham"

God bless us all



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