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Essence of Kashmiriyat

By Tribhuwan N. Bhan

Your* phone call on the occasion of Janamashtami, to remind me to observe that day as a vegetarian day and abstain from all non-vegetarian food, speaks volumes about the roots of our culture and tradition, ‘Kashmiriyat’. The basisof this thought is Sufism. Both Sufism and Kashmiriyat have the history of tolerance and unity. The poet saint Noorudin Noorani Known as Nund Rishi preached this and implored on the people to live in communal harmony. Not only did Nund Rishi, but Lalded, Samad Mir, Shamas Faqir, Parmanand, Krishanjoo Razdan, Zindlal Kaul all belonging to the Kashmir Valley had the same identical lookout on life. It is most surprising to realize that the thoughts of these men of high thinking ran parallel to “Trika”philosophy. It is this concept that blended Shaivism and Islam. This blending of the synthesis of the two ways of life brought the Bhakti Movement, which proved to be one of the glorious periods of Indian History. It is most important for all Kashmiris to know that Kashmiriyat is the blending of Islam and Shaivism. The message of Kashmiriyat is to understand the essence of all religions. One must follow one’s religion in letter and spirit, at the same time one has to respect all other religions. This has been the message of the greatest leaders like Buddha, Ashoka, Gandhi and Akbar. They preached the message of Universal Brotherhood. It was the same message propagated by our own Monarch Zainulabdin–Badshah, the most tolerant and just ruler Kashmir ever had.

To accept the teachings of these great men of tolerance, we have to transform our mindset and strive to create 'Sufi-thinking' in the minds of all inhabitants of the Valley. Dearest friend, I feel I am overwhelming you with my thoughts, but your telephone call to me when the annual festivities at Kheerbhawani was being observed, left an indelible imprint on my psyche and has drawn me to write this epistle to you. I shall forever treasure the sound of your voice. As a small child the old inhabitants of Tullamulla told me that it is the abode of Maa Ragnya. I pray that she shower her blessings on you and all the members of your family, so that you have nothing but contentment and happiness all along.

* Excerpts from author's letter to his school-mate Mir Inayatullah, former Chief Warden of Wild-life, J&K Govt

Source: Milchar



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