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A Philosophic Interpretation of 'Unmesh'

by Dr. Chaman Lal Raina

'Unmesh' is the opening of eyes. It is verily, expansion of the cosmic consciousness, which helps a seeker to understand the status and dynamics of 'will, knowledge and action'. It is an experience of a mental state, which can be characterised by the subjective and objective understanding. For the readers, force behind 'Unmesh' is a sanction from the eyes of saints and seers, who identified themselves with the triene of time, place and situation. It is a timeless knowledge, which is pure in 'thought mind', surveying the global view on the basis of reason and intellect.

'Unmesh' can help us to see the greater truth around us. It can act as a hidden call to foresee delight, when our souls will be charged with the glory of the ancient times. All the murky clouds are tend to change the human destiny, but Unmesh, the early dawn leads us to see what is substantial, within the frame work of our mental set-up. Through the opening of the eye, every glance will pass through the ray of our heritage, still vibrant in our psyche, to analyse the matrix of apparent time.

'Unmesh' - the apparent eye will find the clue for survival through 'Jnanam' the knowledge portion for the development of the physical consciousness which is 'Annam' or life force.

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