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A List of Kashmiri Journals from J&K

Communicated By Shri Arjan Dev Majboor

Year of Starting Publication Name of Publisher Present Position
1936 "Pratap Magazine" Kashmiri Section
S.P. College, Srinagar
1949 "Kong Posh"By Cultural Congress Srinagar Stopped in 1953
1952 'Gul-Rez' By Arif and Amin Kamil  Stopped in July 1955
October 1968 "Naib"By Amin Kamil  Stopped in October 1971
1972 "Anhar" Krohin Cultural Forum
Kheri Pattan
1975 "Masha Heer Kamraz"
By Adabi Markaz Kamraz (North Kashmir)
Stopped after 4th issue
1973 "VolReki Malar" 
By Halqa Adab Hajin Kashmir
Upto 1990
1978 "Partow" By Daira Adab Delina, Barahmula 
 Nishat Ansari and Qazi Manzoor
Delnavi, Barahmulla.
1977 "Vetheh Aagur" By Maraz Adabi Sangam, 
Bijbehara, Kashmir
Continued till 1990
1988 "Baavath" By Afaq Aziz and Mahfooza Jaan.  Continues
1981 "Gulaleh" By Kashmir University -
- "Pamposh", Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Delhi -
1966 "Koshur Adab", G.R. Santosh -
1950 "Son Adab" (yearly publication) 
By J&K Cultural Academy, Srinagar
After 1950 "Sheeraza", By J&K Cultural 
 Academy, Srinagar
1998 "Aalow" Information Deptt. of  J&K Government Continues
1998 "Satisar" By Samprati, Jammu -
- "Anhar" Deptt. of Kashmiri 
Kashmir University
- "Seqafat" Bazmi Seqafat Shopian, Kashmir  Continues

(With Thanks from Partow Magazine Number. Daira Adab, Delina)

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