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The Splendour of Mahishasurmardini

Mrs. Kiran Dhar

I first invoke the Great Mother's Grace
And at Her feet indulgence crave
That I dare Her splendour to describe
Which is beyond these mortal eyes.
Every Ashwin for three bright days
Mother Durga in our midst does stay.
Descending from the high and snowy mountain
By elephant, horse or palanquin,
Or by the royal sailing boat
Each one an omen, which does denote
Portents of what the year will hold.
This year she comes by golden boat
And departs on the elephant bold.
These auspicious omens do foretell
Good harvest, peace and prosperity.
The bells are calling loud and clear
The Mother's worship hour draws near.
The crowds are thronging all around
To glimpse Her glory with joyous sound.
"Victory to the Mother" in the air resounds.
Her dazzling splendour I do behold
In scarlet robes enwrought with gold.
Her towering form, Her awesome might,
Her radiant beauty who can describe.
A golden crown adorns Her brow
O'er raven treses which flow unbound.
Glittering jewels of myriad hues
From head to feet do sparkle too.
Hibiscus, roses, marigold
In garlands fragrant Her form enfold
Ma Durga has three wondrous eyes
Where power and compassion do combine.
The splendour of the mystic Third
Is beyond my pen, beyond my words.
Ten powerful arms proclaim her might,
Each wields a fearsome weapon divine,
Bow and arrow, trident, mace,
Spinning discus and burnished shield,
Serpent noose and scimitar,
The mighty bell and echoing conch
With which the Victory call resounds.
She rides the lion large and fierce
Her trident the demon's chest doth pierce
Mahishasur, in half-buffalo's form
By Her valour slain, lies forlorn.
At Her feet he lies inert
His pride is humbled in the dust.
We hear the Mothers clarion call
Dear sons and daughters, come one and all
Forsake your sadness, forget your fears,
Remember that your Mother's here.
A shimmering mist is all around,
My eyes adazzle, I fall aground
In adoration profound.
Beyond the bounds of time and space
Flows the Mother's endless Grace.
Whosoever seeks shelter at Her Holy feet
Sorrow nor misfortune shall ever meet.
With folded hands and bended knees.
And forehead at Thy blessed Feet
O Compasionate One do hear my plea
And forever O Mother, abide with me.
With faith for string and words for flowers
This humble garland-song I offer,
Laid befoe Thy Lotus Feet,
Accept it, I pray to Thee.
No sinner in this world like me, I know
And no Redeemer of sins as Thou,
Knowing this O Mother Divine
Do with me as Thou deems best.

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