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Volume XXXIV (2000-2001)

The Publication of Kashmir Sabha, Calcutta

"Cultural Heritage of India - Kashmiri Pandit Contribution"


CALCUTTA-700 091
PHONE: 358 3932

Dedicated to :

The mother tongue of Kashmiri Pandits in exile
and to those who have contributed to development and growth of Kashmiri Language
and towards its preservation as a mother tongue.

Theme : Mother Tongue of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile Origin, Advances, Threats & Thrusts.

Editor : (English Section) : Dr. B. K. Moza
Editor : (Hindi/Kashmiri Section) : Smt. Niva Kaul


Table of Contents

Preface - Dr. B. K. Moza 
From The President - Udainath Kaul
Section I : The Origin
Some Important Aspects of Kashmiri as a Language - Prof. S. K. Toshakhani
Linguistic Sociology of Ancient Kashmir - Prof. T. N. Ganjoo
Kashmiri - P. N. K. Bamzai 
The Dying Linguistic Heritage of the Kashmiris: The Melting Pot Generation - Prof. Braj B. Kachru
Kashmiri Language and its Dialects - Prof. Omkar N. Koul
Origin of Kashmiri Language: A New View Point - Arjan Dev Majboor
The Sharada Script: Origin and Development - Prof. B. K. Kaul Deambi
Kashmiri Language: An Encyclopaedic Overview - Dr. B. K. Moza
Section II : Development & Advances
Kashmiri Literature - Prof. Suniti Kr. Chatterjee
Requisites of Kashmirology - Prof. P. N. Pushp
We Owe it to Our Language - T. N. Dhar 'Kundan'
An Outline of the Growth of Various Forms in Kashmiri Literature - Prof. Mohiud-Din Hajini
Pearls of Mystic Poetry in Kashmiri - Opinder Ambardar
Growth of Opera in Kashmir - Dina Nath Nadim
Buddhist Themes in Kashmiri Literature - Moti Lal Saqi
The Kashmiri Alphabet - Prof. J. L. Kaul
Stimulating the Use of Kashmiri in Cyber Times - Bharat Wakhlu & Dr. Omkar N. Wakhlu
Kashmiri Pandits in Cyberspace: Kashmiri Language Script and its Standardisation - Sunil Fotedar
A List of Kashmiri Journals from J&K - Arjan Dev Majboor
Section III : Emerging Threats
Preserving Our Identity: Role of the Mother Tongue - A. N. Kaul (Sahib)
Why Kashmiri ? Is the Enthusiam Misplaced (Let Us Self Analyse) - Dr. R. L. Shant
How to Meet the Threat of Extinction - V. N. Drabu
Importance of Language and Culture for Survival as a Kashmiri Community - Dr. Roop Krishen Bhat
Kashmiri Diaspora: Remarks on Linguistico-Cultural Erosion - Dr. Raj Nath Bhat
Kashmiri Language, Kashmiris and New Millennium - Dr. Soomnath Raina
Koshur and Our Identity - Dr. B. N. Sharga
Decline in Koshur Nagri - Pushkar Nath Dhar
Poems from : "Waves" - Arjan Dev Majboor
Poems from : "Of Gods, Men & Militants" - Dr. K. L. Chowdhury
The Splendour of Mahishasurmardini - Mrs. Kiran Dhar
Section IV : Emergent Thrusts
From Mother-Tongue to Motherland - J.L. Manwati
Plea for the Retention of Mother Tongue, Kashmiri - Dr. K. L. Chowdhury
Kashmiri Pandits and Their Mother Tongue - Dwarka Nath Munshi
Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Language - Manmohan Dhar
Kashmiri Language and Our Cultural Health - P. L. Zutshi
Adoption and Recognition of Devnagri as an Alternative Script for Kashmiri Language - Vikalpa 
Some Reflections on Kashmiri Pandit Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Global Civilization - Prof. S. Bhatt
The Kashmiri Language Class at Kashmir Bhavan, Kolkata Sunita Mulla &  Jolly - Mohan Kaul
Towards Preserving our Mother TongueA.I.K.S., A Potential Thrust - Dr. B. K. Moza

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