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(A Programme to disseminate Information to our younger generation about our place of origin)
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Results of ZAAN 2002

Competition held at Kashyap Bhawan, Andheri on 15th September 2002


Story Telling  - Sub Juniors
  • First - Sidharth Wali 
  • Second - Ruchika Dhar 
  • Third - Priyanka Kaul

Elocution - Juniors 
  • First - Vivek wali 
  • Second - Shefali Raina 
  • Third - Karuna Kemmu
Quiz - Sub Juniors
  • First - Sidharth Wali & Priyanka Kaul 
  • Second - Ruchita Dhar & Divanshi Sar 
  • Third - Prashasti Sar

Quiz - Juniors
  • First - Vivek Wali 
  • Second - Sanjivani Wanchoo 
  • Third - Shefali Raina

Reading Devanagari-Kashmiri - Sub Juniors
  • First - Sidharth Wali 
  • Second - Ruchika Dhar 
  • Third - Priyanka Kaul

Reading Devanagari-Kashmiri - Juniors
  • First - Shefali Raina 
  • Second - Sanjivani Wanchoo 
  • Third - Vivek Wali


There was no participation in the Senior Group (16 Years plus to 25 Years)


Quiz Competion including Reading Pessages in Devanagari-Kashmiri

A Total of 7 Teams (5 people in each Team) Participated

First Prize - Awarded jointly to 2 Teams: 
  Lalla-Ded Team 
Smt. Girija Kaul, Shri Sunil Raina, Smt. Sunil Raina, Shri Roop K. Kaul, Smt. Roop K. Kaul
  P.mp3anand Team
Smt. Usha Pandita, Smt. Sunita Kemmu, Shri K.K.Kemmu, Shri Vinod Wali, Smt. Sunita Wali

Second Prize Mehjoor Team
Shri Satish Kaul, Smt. Meena Kaul, Smt. Veena Kaul, Smt. Sarla Kaul, 
Smt. Sonia Raina


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