Power Resources

Power Resources

Hydro-Electric Power Stations

Of late year Hydro-Electric Works have made considerable headway in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. This electric power is used in running factories irrigating fields and for lighting towns and villages as well as for other common household requirements. Two grid stations have been commissioned. Three gas turbines have been set-up to overcome power shortage in the valley during the winter.

A hydro-electric power corporation has been set-up to mobilise resources for effective implementation of various projects.The total power generation in the state sector is 259mw.

The following are the important Hydro-Electric Works established in Kashmir:

1. Mohra Hydro-Electric Power Stations. It was in the year 1907, during the reign of Maharaja Pratap Singh, that the British designed a 25-cycle per second plant of 4000 Kilowatts at Mohra about 22.5 kms. from Baramulla towards Uri in Kashmir. After some years, conversion from 25 to 50 cycles machinery costing about 2 crores of rupees was set up to add 600 kilowatts to the existing capacity. Srinagar, Sopore, Baramulla and Gulmarg towns are supplied electric power from this power station.

2. The Sind Valley Hydro-Electric Project. This project, established in 1955, is near Ganderbal on the bank of the Nullah Sind towards its east. A canal 113 kms long rises upwards to a height of 1500 metres and generates 13000 Kilowatts of electric power. The project is a multipurpose one. Its water is used for a variety of purposes, like irrigation, generation of electricity, flood control, navigation, fish culture and soil preservation. The electric supply has been extended to 56 kms south of Srinagar towards Anantnag and supplies power to Lift Irrigation scheme as well.

3. The Pahalgam Hydro-Electric Project. The river Liddar is an important tributary of the Jhelum. It has been harnessed for water power at Pahalgam. A dam 8 metres high creates a water fall, generating 200 kilowatts of electricity. This power helps in lighting tourists huts and running cottage industries.

4. Lower Jhelum Hydel Project (Sheri). This project for generating electricity has only one stage which generates 105 megawatts of electric power.

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