Legal Documents of Kashmir

Legal Documents of Kashmir

Contrary to claims made by Kashmiri secessionists and their sympathizers, there is no legal ambiguity about the accession of Jammu and Kashmir state to India. At the time of independence from Britain in 1947, the more than 500 principalities that formed the Indian dominion had the option to join India or the newly formed Pakistan, or declare themselves an independent state. The principality of Jammu and Kashmir was invaded by Pakistan to force its king Maharaja Hari Singh to join Pakistan. In face of the open aggression the king decided to accede to India. This accession was supported and ratified by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah the leader of National Conference, the largest political in the state which had mobilized the masses against the autocratic rule of the king. As part of the agreement of Jammu and Kashmir's entry into the Indian Union, a special status was given to the state which was enshrined in the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. A list of documents that provide further details is provided on this site.

 Kashmir: Historical Documents

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Mohan Krishen Teng 
Ram Krishen Kaul Bhatt 
Santosh Kaul

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