Kashmir: Wail of a Valley - Atrocity and Terror

Kashmir: Wail of a Valley - Atrocity and Terror

Kashmir: Wail of a Valley


Mohan Lal Koul

C-143, Preet Vihar 
Delhi-1 10092

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© 1999, M.L. Kaul

First Published 1999

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ISBN 81-86987-38-X

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Gyan Sagar Publications

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Tej Composers
West Zone 391, Madipur, New Delhi-110 063 

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Ram Printograph (India),  
Delhi-110 051. 

Dedicated to the three brilliant academics, Ashok Kumar Raina, M.Sc, Physics Sushil Kumar Bhat M.Sc, Zoology and Ravinder Kabu, M.Sc, Botany who were cruelly massacred on the hills of Jammu by the fundamentalist Muslim assassins chasing the goals of Muslim fundamentalism and Nizam- e-Mustafa.

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