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Kuldip and Girja Raina’s Visit to Women’s Craft Center

Jammu, October 2007


Date: Nov 16, 2007 11:04 PM
Subject: RE: KWI-Disha: Women’s Craft Center << PRODUCTS & SALES

Dear KWI team,

Girja and I had an opportunity to visit Women’s craft center in Muthi and Mishrewala camps on Oct 15 th’07. We were in Jammu to attend my nephew & Niece’s wedding.

Our purpose of the visit was to check how these centers are run? How are the women taking it both facility wise and work wise?

I can write few pages of what we saw but I want to express myself in one word “Outstanding”.

Prediman ji, his wife Cherry and the Disha team are doing a great job for the” community. They have provided them with very clean and secure facilities, where women and young ladies, some as old as my kids do come and learn craft without any fear or shame. These women are proud of what they do. They have made some fabulous shawls, women’s shirts, decorative pieces etc. In true sense, it is not what they produce but it is the self pride of producing these things and self confidence, which makes a great difference in their lives. Camps are not the best place to live but these two centers are giving these ladies a new hope for the future, which we donors should be proud of.

I feel this is one of the best projects, which our Chicago community has spear headed and we all should be proud of it. I can’t recall of any project, which has resulted in such a positive outcome. It has touched the heart and soul of these young women and brought a new purpose to their lives. It is my humble request to our community that we must keep these Disha Centers going.

Best regards,

Kuldip & Girja”

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