Kashmiri Welfare Initiative (KWI)

Kashmiri Welfare Initiative (KWI)

Fundraising & associated programs

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The Kashmiri Welfare initiative (KWI) is created, developed and now being piloted by the volunteers from Chicago KP community, which is a part of KOA Zone 7. The volunteer team members have got the support of their local community as well as some well wishers from other parts of the US.

The philanthropic aim of Kashmiri Welfare Initiative (KWI) is to promote the development and well being of Kashmiri children and families. This initiative is committed to meet the needs of the community ranging from short-term to long-term. KWI shall identify people in dire need of help. KWI volunteers will raise funds in USA, and with the help of ground level volunteers in India identify needy KP refugees in India, and those individuals / families / organizations who are willing to help them. The deserving / needy people shall be identified by coordinating with reliable sources in various localities and / or by inviting requests / applications. A careful verification / examination of each individual case shall then be carried out before the case is enlisted for providing / arranging help. Charitable funds collected in USA for the needy KP families in India will be made available to them through the office of Kashmiri Overseas Association, per KWI recommendations.

Chicago Volunteer Organization / Working Structure:
The organizing team works as a group of volunteers, and does not want to create a hierarchy. The team members work on the principle of joint accountability.

Chicago Volunteer Team: Naveen Dhar, Siddarth Raina, Soman Dhar, Ajay Koul, Rajni Koul, Bansi Pandit, Praveen Raina, Mohan Sapru.

Other Locations:
As the program becomes successful, other zones could emulate the similar program in support of the KP refugees, who have been thrown out of Kashmir.
Project Manager: Ajay Koul (Chicago, IL)

Form to Download

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Diwali 2007 UPDATE


Funds Collected: $29,433 (collections: $29,333; pledges: $200)

Matching Funds: $ 4,400 (estimated; awaited; unavoidable procedural delay)

TOTAL: $33,833 (actual, plus anticipated company matching funds)


Projects “confirmed” year to date: ($21,800)

Family Assistance: ($6,000)

(1) Ten families confirmed; $6,000 committed.

Objective: Provide assistance to families from Mishriwala camp that are in dire economic need. Render financial help to them on a monthly basis for a period of one year to help them stabilize.

Vocational Training / Education: ($15,800)

(2) Women’s Craft Center; $7,500 committed.

Objective: Overcome the lack of employability of KP women primarily in the Mishriwala camp, by helping them gain income generating skills, especially for those with very limited options. The beneficiaries eligible are the (a) Girls in the age group of up to mid twenties, and have only high school education, (b) Young ladies in the age group of up to early thirties, and have lost their spouses.

Two batches of students per year: Target 25 per batch.

Activity update: https://koausa.org/projects/disha/

(3) Computer Training at NIIT; $5,000 committed.

Objective: Provide computer education to KP youths in Mishriwala camp, targeted towards obtaining professional certification from recognized training institutes (NIIT) enabling/ensuring gainful employment with high income potential. Currently due to limited funding, the program is open to a very limited # residents in Mishriwala camp.

(4) Educational Coaching Center; $2,500 committed.

Objective: Set up an educational coaching/ tuition centre for 7th-10th grade KP students living in the Mishriwala camp. This initiative is intended to provide quality tuition facility, free of cost, to the camp students in an effort to improve their educational skills and enable them to compete better and on their own.

(5) Census of Mishriwla camp; $800 committed.

Objective: Assess the residents’ plight at the camp for targeting funds for their transformational needs. Availability of authentic data about any Jammu camp is only anecdotal. This census will help us utilize the donor funds in the most effective manner

Projects “to develop / confirm” by this year end:

Several potential projects are at various stages of proposal development.

Company matching funds: Some donors are eligible for these funds from their employers. While we thank them for their personal donations already made, we request them to expedite filing their formal company requests. We are cognizant that such funds are disbursed by companies limited times every year, with inevitable delays anticipated.

KWI-Chicago volunteer team members’ ON-GOING EFFORTS:

Weekly: Conference calls for 60-minutes to maintain team-momentum.

Frequently: Communications (phone, e-mails) with grass roots level volunteers in Jammu

Monthly: Need based, face to face meetings to resolve operational issues.

3Qtr-2007 UPDATE


  • Donated Funds Collected: $29,233 (collections: $19,233; written pledge: $10,000)
  • Company Matching Funds: $ 4,400 (estimated; company procedural delay expected in receiving)
  • Total: $33,633 (actual, plus pledge fulfillment & anticipated company match).


Projects “confirmed” during the past 3-months:

Family Assistance:

(1) Ten Families Confirmed

Vocational Training / Education:

(2) Women’s Craft Center

(3) Computer Training at NIIT

(4) Educational Coaching

Projects “to confirm” in the next 3-months: (See NOTE Below)

(1) Computer Training at NIIT

Large un-met need exists in the Jammu camps.

(2) Educational Coaching

Most school-grade students are in need of educational coaching in the Jammu camps.

(3) Other Projects

More project requests are at early stages (further details being compiled by the volunteer team)

NOTE: Funding outcome for items 5 to 7 above will depend upon the << conversion of written pledge into payment >>, and the << receipt of company-matching funds >>.

We will share with you all progress on the above, prior to upcoming Diwali celebration by the community.

KWI-Chicago volunteer team members’ ON-GOING EFFORTS:

– Weekly: Conference calls for 90-minutes to maintain team-momentum.

– Frequently: Communications (phone, e-mails) with grass roots level volunteers in Jammu

– Monthly: Once a month face to face meetings to resolve operational issues.

pdf [ download the brochure]

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