Kashmiri Overseas Association, Inc. (KOA) gives credits to

  • you all for visiting this website and inspiring us to keep improving the site;
  • all those who have contributed written articles, books related to Kashmir, pictures, audio cassettes and CDs of Kashmiri music and video cassettes of Kashmiri video footage;
  • Bhagwaan Gopinath Jee Trust, Pamposh Enclave, G. K. – I, New Delhi, India, for providing us with various Kashmiri Puja audio cassettes;
  • for all informative articles from community periodicals, such as
    • Koshur Samachar (Kashmiri Samiti),
    • Kashmir Sentinel (Panun Kashmir Foundation),
    • Unmesh (NSKRI),
    • Vitasta (KPA, Kolkata),
    • Har-Van (Lalla-Ded Educational & Welfare Trust),
    • Patrika (Bhagwaan Gopinath Jee Trust),
    • Neel Nag (Kashyap Kashmir Sabha, Gurgoan),
    • Milchar (KPA, Mumbai),
    • Pannyaar (KPA, Noida, NCR),
    • Vaakh (AIKS)
  • all the volunteers who are the back-bone of this website and are behind-the-scenes putting their time and efforts to continuously improve this website.


If we have missed anybody who should have been acknowledged on this page, it was purely unintentional. Please write to webmaster about the missing acknowledgement and we will take the corrective action as soon as possible. ALL THE CONTRIBUTIONS (TEXT, IMAGES, AUDIO, AND VIDEO CLIPS) HAVE BEEN PROVIDED BY MEMBERS AND CARRIED ON THIS SITE AT THEIR REQUEST. IF ANYONE HAS ANY REASON TO BELIEVE THAT ANY PARTICULAR INFORMATION SHOULD NOT BE PROVIDED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE, PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL SPECIFYING THE REASON AND AN APPROPRIATE ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

Thank you.

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