Short Stories

Kashmiri Short Stories

The short story emerged in the Kashmiri language in 1950 as a literary form distinct from the centuries, old folk tale, fable and parable. During the past forty-six years, it has been accepting the influence of all the experiments in the technique of the shorter fiction. The three distinguishable phases in Kashmiri short story faithfully reflect the changing life patterns of the Kashmiris and the related cultural framework. Through a spectrum of characters and events the twenty five short stories in this volume image the subjective reality of the individuals as well as the social ambience that circumscribes them.

Stories by Dr. Harikrishna Kaul

Harikrishna Kaul is one of the major Kashmiri playwrights of the modern era. He started his literary career during his college days in early fifties, writing short stories in Hindi.

Ticklish Stories

Plain narrations, conflicting psyches, clashes of self-interest fool-hardiness of conceit and egoism, heights of human attachments, potential confusion and chaos inheriting all misunderstandings and mischief as against the wisdom of sincerity of purpose and fearless frankness;

Autumn Leaves: Kashmiri Reminiscences

Kashmir has a unique tradition of recording history. This book, in this tradition, presents the intimate life of a Kashmiri in the post-independence era.

Folk Tales from Kashmir

Folk Tales from Kashmir


5 Short Stories for the Young by M.K. Raina.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice

The bride and the groom were just out of the precincts of the courtroom. They had successfully got their already-solemnized marriage registered.

Deepak Budki

Deepak Budki is a renowned Urdu short story writer. He started writing short stories in 1971.

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