Crown of India

Kashmir: The Crown of India

Kashmir occupies a special place in India, because of its geographic location, its scenic splendour, and its great contributions to the arts and culture of India. In the history of our Republic is written another chapter on the unique issue of Kashmir. Its strategic position adds one more dimension to the overall security of this sub-continent.


Geographically and climatically Kashmir is the child of the mighty Himalayas receiving in abundance the paternal grace in the form of captivating scenic beauty, lush green pastures and lofty glistening snow covered mountain peaks which capture the changing hues of the brilliant sun, in a hundred thousand ways, the ever gurgling rivers and rivulets and the great lakes of mythological fame. In her valleys grow the rarest of trees and herbs, including the most precious of all flowers - the Kesar (Saffron). In her forest are found the best pines and deodars. From her orchards come apples, apricots, pears, walnuts and cherries of different kinds. On her green meadows graze the lambs bearing the most exquisite wool fit to drape the Gods. Her Dal lake and her house boats, Gulmarg and her glaciers have made her an international tourist spot. What to talk of her temples, the dream of every devout Hindu - the Holy Amarnath where thousands and thousands trek to every year, regardless of inclement weather and a host of other dangers; the Shiva temple, the Kshir Bhawani, all with their lofty associations with great masterminds and the impeccable Shaivite philosophy. Surely the name of Kashmir should conjure up a thrill in all Indians.

Through the following web pages, we invite the attention of the readers, not only to the beauty and grandeur of this land but also the significant contributions made by it to the fine arts and culture of India.

Swami Ashokananda as I Knew

He was born in a poor Mukherjee Brahmin family in a small village in Jessore district now in Bangla Desh. When he was of three years age, hisfather died and he was left alone with his elder brother aged 12 and widowed mother.

Nagadandi: Some Reminiscences

Foremost among Kashmiri Saints was the great mystic seer, Lalleshwari, popularly known as Lal Ded (Mother Lalla), who profoundly influenced the thought and life of her contemporaries

Buddhism in Kashmir

Nilmata Purana (the Purana of Kashmir) refers to the gaity with which the Vaishakha Purnima-the day on which Buddha was born, attained Bodhi and Mahanirvana - used to be celebrated in the picturesome vale of Kashmir.

Kashmir Contribution to Indian Culture

Some scholars in the Centre of Central Asian Studies of Kashmir University are probing in the direction of establishing the thesis that First man appeared in the Kashmir Valley. This has reference also to the Burzahom excavation and the remains of the so called pit-dwellers found there.

Kashmir: The Fountainhead of Indian Culture

From the time of the beginning of the formation of the present Asian continent, Kashmir has remained an unseparable part of Indian Peninsula.

An Outline of the History of Kashmir

Kashmir is perhaps, to possess an authentic account of its history from the very earliest period. This past account of the valley, its culture and traditions, rise and fall of various Kingdoms, victory and defeats of the people have been noted carefully, yet critically by the sons of its soil.

Some Marvels of Kashmir

The happy valley of Kashmir is well known throughout the world for its Natural beauty. Here nature has been prodigal enough in crowning this ancient land with all its splendour and glory. Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Mughal gardens attract visitors from all over the world.

Kashmir Place in the Cultural Mosaic of India

Kashmir suddenly flashed into the world news when Pakistani marauders came over the mountains to annex Kashmir by force.

Kashmir School of Painting

The Kashmir school of painting is an obscure topic in the otherwise scholarly field of Indian art history, although much has been written about the ancient Kashmiri architecture and sculpture in recent times.

Saivism in Prospect and Retrospect

The circuitous upper valley of Vitasta, is the famous Kashmir in the Himalayan region. There are Harimukh (Haramukta) and Amarnath mounts, branches off from the great Himalayas a little further east, proceeds due south and encircling the sources of Vitasta

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