Mystic Trends in Kashmiri Poetry

Kashmir, which is known as the 'paradise on earth', has been the abode of eminent scholars, savants, historians and poets, like Bilhan, Mamatachary, Anandavardhana, Gunaverman, Abhinavagupta, Jonaraja, Kalhana, etc. These luminaries had mastery over Sanskrit language. During the Muslim rule, Persian became the court language. Kashmiri scholars did not lag behind in acquiring mastery in this language also and produced scholars and poets like Gani Kashmiri, Munshi Bhawani Dass Kachroo, Hyder Malik Chadura, Narayan Kaul Ajiz, Muhammad Azam Didmari, etc. Besides them, there were saints and poets who preferred to use their own Kashmiri dilect for conveying their messages and thoughts. These included both men and women. Most prominent among them were Sheikh Noor-u-Din Noorani, Lal Ded, Rupa Bhawani, Habba Khatoon and Arinimaal.

Lal Ded

Kashmir has produced many saints, poets and mystics. Among them, Lal Ded is very prominent. In Kashmir, some people consider her a poet, some consider her a holywoman and some consider her a sufi, a yogi, or a devotee of Shiva.

Swami Govind Kaul

The son of Swami Aftab Kaul and Vishvamalya, born in Dattataraya Gotra, Gobind Kaul naturally followed the tradition of his forefathers and became an ardent Shaivite. To his elder brother Harishwara and to his Guru Bharatlal he owed his proficiency in the Sastras andyoga.

Krishnajoo Razdan

Razdan Sahib is proud of Kashmiri language which is the principal medium of his poetic expression. He regards it dearest to the Mother Goddess. He is convinced that salvation for Kashmiris is attainable only by singing praises of the Mother Goddess in Kashmiri language.

Zinda Koul Masterji

Masterji built his personality brick by brick. The foundation for this was provided. by the Hindu mystic lore especially by the Kashmir Shaivism.

Dina Nath Nadim

His poetry has contributed to Kashmir struggle for freedom. Nadim also wrote the first opera in the Kashmiri language, entitled, bombir ti yembirzal The Bumblebee and the Narcissus. Nadim has greatly influenced the young Kashmiri poets of today.

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

Mahjoor has a place of honor among the poets of Kashmir. He is especially noted for two things. He introduced a new style into Kashmiri poetry.

Dr. Roshan Saraf

A Medical Doctor by profession. Writer & Poet in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi, English; Singer, Musician & Anchor by passion.

Prem Nath Premi

Pt. Prem Nath Premi, a well known writer of Kashmir, was born in Srinagar on 29th September, 1929 to a family of humble means. He had a strong urge to study which enabled him to obtain Master degree in several subjects.

Subhash Premi

Subhash ji writes poems in Hindi. He is known for his artistic skills of playing Kongo.

Makhan Lal Kaul Mahav

Noted poet and Journalist, started as a teacher but turned to journalism afterwards. Through the literary columns of the newspaper KHIDMAT he gave many budding writers opportunities to express themselves.

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