Kashmiri Pandit Personalities

Faces of Glory: Kashmiri Pandit Personalities

Nityanand Shastri

NS was not only just an academician, he was equally active in the social and cultural fields. While being the president of Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad, a Sanskrit literary organisation he founded in 1930

Master Samsar Chand Kaul

Master Samsar Chand Kaul (1883-1977) was a renowned educationist, ornithologist and environmentalist of his time, when subjects like bird watching and study at natural history was unknown in Kashmir.

Shri Jankinath Kaul Kamal

Shri Jankinath Kaul Kamal was well known as an accomplished scholar through his writings in the fields of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, which have received countrywide recognition.

Dinanath Yaksh

The Sanskritic Shastras have survived in India as a part of the Vedic ritualistic culture. The Vedic ritualism has been a text-based culture. In the development of this ritual-culture a variety of sciences emerged as a part of it thus making it richer.

Pt. Rameshwar Nath Kao

the founder of India external intelligence agency, R&AW, was no ordinary spymaster. He was one of the architects of modern India. His yeoman services to the country in the field of intelligence and national security remain unsurpassed.

Pandit Ishwar Kaul

Pandit Ishwar Kaul assured for himself an esteemed place in the galaxy of Kashmiri scholars by giving Kashmiri its first grammar - the Kashmir Shabdamrita.


Pt. Damodar, son of the illustrious Pt. Sahib Ram Kaul and younger brother of the equally renowned Pandit Daya Ram, was a Sanskrit scholar gifted with unusual brilliance.


Chronicle-writing is not foreign to the imagination of the Kashmiri Brahmins. A host of histories Charitas and Mahatmyas amply testify to this assertion. However, the history as it is taken in the modern parlance, is absent in Sanskrit literature.


Without beating about the bush, Shrivara straightway adduces two reasons for taking up the thread of chronicle-writing from Jona Raja. Firstly, be writes I have taken this assignment simply to complete the unfinished History of Kings written by Jona Raja, whose disciple I am.

Pandit Saheb Ram Kaul

Among the Kashmiri scholars of Sanskrit whom Maharaja Ranbir Singh respected greatly was Pandit Saheb Ram Kaul, a deeply learned man whose study of the Shastras had impressed even the veteran Pandits of Varanasi.

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