Kashmir Hindu Shrines

The book provides a comprehensive account of the history and heritage of the Hindu shrines and tirthas in Kashmir, the tradition and legend associated with them and the spiritual experience they symbolize.

Chander Bhat

Very few scholars in our times who have crossed the age of fifty are celebrated either through their works or through the writings of other people on their works.

Upender Ambardar

Dr. Tamiri gives useful insights in to the role of Sir Amar Singh Technical School in training the first group of Kashmiris in landscape and portrait painting.

Deepak Budki

Dr Ramesh Tamiri has done a great service to the modern cultural history of Kashmir by writing this book.

Shyam Kaul

By profession Dr. Ramesh Tamiri is an Ophthalmologist. But those who know him closely, know him far less as a doctor than as an incisive researcher

Prof. Ram Nath Kaul

The book under review contains mindboggling information encapsulated in just 142 pages. It is so full of facts, figures and pictures concerning painters, playwrights, actors, directors etc that one feels flabbergasted at what the author has been able to achieve.

Tej Nath Dhar

Tej N Dhar has held teaching positions in Universities of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Asmara, where he was also Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

A.N. Sadhu

The book is an interesting reading and highly enriching in so far as it is educative and informative of Kashmir who have, in a very humble way, significantly contributed to the development of painting and theatre in the state.

Curfewed Night

Its racy prose is both lyrical and moving, subject matter most poignant It describes what a heaven it (Kashmir) was and what a hell it is now – all man made.


Majboor has been very wise in presenting Arnimaal love songs both in Nastaliq and the Kashmiri-Devnagri scripts.

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