Maharaj Kaul

Maharaj Kaul

Maharaj Kaul, who was born in the beautiful Vale of Kashmir in northern India,is an engineer by profession. He has written many articles and poems that have been published in periodicals in the U.S. and India. His main interests are in science and philosophy. He is currently engaged in writing a book on human culture and is planning a sequel to Meditation On Time.

M. Kaul
Maharaj Kaul

He makes his home in upstate New York.

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Meditation on Time

Meditation on Time by M. Kaul

Poems by Maharaj Kaul

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For my father: who lived life with pained passion, a sense of duty, and love for friends, while being skeptical of the value of understanding some of its deeper issues.

For my mother: who is living life with courage and stoicism, and is guided by the vision of her guru.

For my wife: who lives with intensity, passion for people, and without doubt about the direction of her life.

Passionately devoted to the pursuit of poetry, M. Kaul defines this art as "the super-distillation of human experience" in his book, Meditation On Time.

The poem "Love" finds that "God's love is (a)...Timeless meditation on time." Of "Silence," the poet observes that it is "the music of soul," and in "Solitude," he notes, "You are in company of the stranger you are trying to know." The surrealistic verse titled "Rain" has it falling "through the soul, / Watering the seeds embedded of late." "Stars" are "our distant dreams, / Our ancestors." The title poem, "Meditation On Time," contemplates the universe.

Poems reflecting on the ultimate experiences and concerns of life.

Andromeda Galaxy (NGC 224, M31). It is the nearest regular-sized galaxy to our galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy). If we were to see our galaxy from Andromeda, it would look similar, though smaller. Andromeda is 2.3 million light-years away from us and has a diameter of two hundred thousand light-years. Our sun is located in one of the outer spirals (similar to Andromeda spirals) of our galaxy.

- Maharaj Kaul

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