Lal Ded

Lal Ded

Kashmir has produced many saints, poets and mystics. Among them, Lal Ded is very prominent. In Kashmir, some people consider her a poet, some consider her a holywoman and some consider her a sufi, a yogi, or a devotee of Shiva. Some even consider her an avtar. But every Kashmiri considers her a wise woman. Every Kashmiri has some sayings of Lalla on the tip of his tongue. The Kashmiri language is full of her sayings. 

Lal Ded

Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims affectionately call her "Mother Lalla" or "Granny Lalla". She is also called "Lallayogeshwari". Some people call her Lalla, the mystic. 

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Granny Lalla

Why is Lalla so famous in Kashmir? She was illiterate, but she was wise. Her sayings are full of wisdom. In these sayings, she dealt with everything from life, yoga, and God to dharma and atma. Her riddles are on the lips of every Kashmiri. >>>

Lalleshwari - Forerunner of Medieval Mystics

Foremost among Kashmiri Saints was the great mystic "seer", Lalleshwari, popularly known as Lal Ded (Mother Lalla), who profoundly influenced the thought and life of her contemporaries and whose sayings still touch the Kashmiri's ear, as well as the chords of his heart, and are freely quoted by him as maxims on appropriate occasions. >>>

A Tribute to Lalla Yogeshwari - Pride and Soul of Kashmir

As a tribute to our beloved mother Lalla, it is my earnest hope that, in spite of the trying times we find ourselves in, we do not lose the true perspective on life, but live upto her ideals and make our sojourn on earth a worthwhile pilgrimage. >>>

Lalleshwari - An Apostle of Human Values

As long as the silvery bellows of the Vitasta maintain their rejuvenating rhythm, as long as the virgin snow on the Himalayan heights retains its unblemished splendour and stature, the exquisite 'Vaks' of Lalleshwari soaked to the full in the inherent values of Kashmiri culture and human understanding will go on. >>>

Key to the Understanding of Lal Ded

The secret of Lalla Ded's perennial appeal lies in her power to translate into metaphors and symbols the longing of man to know ('the burthen and the mystery'), to feel, at least vicariously, one with the infinite, the supreme power that inheres in all things. >>>

All Roads Lead to Lal Ded

Of all the literary greats of Kashmir, Lal Ded takes the cake as number one poet not only among her peers but extends to six centuries down the line in our age as well. Hence the question that is most important is her number one ranking in Kashmiri literature justified? >>>

Lal Vakhs

It is a fact that Lal Ded did not say these Vakhs for the sake of preaching, or taking the position of a teacher or one sermonizing us. She would often speak to Herself and teach Herself as will be clear from the Vakhs. Applying the usual Vedantist reasoning Who is the Speaker of the Vakh and to whom? In many ways She answers this question Herself in Her last Vakh. >>>

Listen to Lal Vakhs (With English and Hindi Narration)

Kashmir provided seat of accomplishment and learning for the oriental religions and cultures. Lalleshwari's contribution has been unique: Exploring the immeasurable depths of the Divine. This verily transformed her from an ordinary rustic village girl into a mystical genius. >>>

Lal Ded: The great Kashmiri Saint-poetess

Editor: Dr. S.S. Toshkhani.This book represents the proceedings of a National Seminar on "Remembering Lal Ded in Modern Times" conducted by Kashmir Education, Culture and Science Society in New Delhi on 12 November, 2000. Lalleshwari or Lal Ded, according to late Prof. Jayalal Kaul, has been the greatest genius of Kashmir of all times. >>>

Lalleshwari - Excerpts from Gems of Kashmiri Literature and Kashmiriyat

Lalleshwari did not preach any religion, she even disdained ritual. She projected a way of life quite in harmony without cultural traditions, in which a happy amalgamation was made of what was good in Buddhism and even Islamic. >>>

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