Brutalities and Killings of Innocent Persons

Brutalities and Killings of Innocent Persons

Cold-blooded murder of innocent persons is despicable enough, but the thirst of the terrorists in Kashmir for blood is not satisfied and their objective for creating absolute terror is not met by instant killing. The killing must therefore be accompanied by unimaginable brutality or the act of killing itself must be dastardly or heinous.....

Case No.: 1 
Date: 16.1.90 
Place: Srinagar 
The body of Abdul Akram Ganai, J&K Police Constable was found hanging on a tree. The body bore signs of torture.

Case No.: 2 
Date: 12.2.90 
Place: Beeru, Badgam 
A Muslim was tortured and later hanged to death on the suspicion of being a Police informer by the terrorists belonging to 'Hizb-ul-Mujahideen' . 

Case No.: 3 
Date: 23.2.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Ashok Kumar Qazi, Field Officer, State Agriculture Department was brutally killed by the JKLF. First he was shot on his legs, and left on the road side. People were warned against helping him. Later after one hour of sadistic display, bullets were riddled on his chest and he was killed.

Bilal Ahmed Najar
Ram Chavda Yadev 
Zulfikar Ali Shah

Case No.: 4 
Date: 24/25.2.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Furqan Ahmed Mir, a Muslim youth, was pushed out of a window on the third floor of his house by JKLF terrorists. 

Case No.: 5 
Date: 27.2.90 
Place: Badgam 
A Hindu youth Tej Kishen was kidnapped by the terrorists from his house. Later his dead body was found hanging from a tree. His body bore signs of torture and multiple injuries. 

Case No.: 6 
Date: 11.3.90 
Place: Shopian, Pulwama 
Two bodies of Maulvis (Ab. Aziz and Ayub Ali Al Qasni) of West Bengal were recovered from a local mosque. The bodies bore signs of torture. Hizbul Mujahideen owned responsibility for the killings. 

Case No.: 7 
Date: 28.3.90 
Place: Shopian, Pulwama 
Two Muslim youths who had resisted terrorists pressures to join them were kidnapped by Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists from their houses. They were tortured and electrocuted till they died. 

Case No.: 8 
Date: 5.4.90 
Place: Baramulla 
Eighty five year old Radha Krishen of Karan Nagar was dragged out of his house by the terrorists; he was kicked around in the neighbourhood and later shot dead outside his residence. 

Case No.: 9 
Date: 11.4.90 
Place: Bijbehara, Anantnag 
Mohd Ismail, a washerman working for BSF was kidnapped from his home by a group of terrorists. His dead body was later found on the road side. The dead body bore marks of torture including broken limbs. Terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen owned responsibility for the killing. 

Case No.: 10 
Date: 29.4.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Moti Lal Pandit, was abducted from his residence at Tankipora on April 26. Later, his dismembered dead body was found in a jungle near Kupwara. 

Case No.: 11 
Date: 4.5.90 
Place: Baramulla 
Two Kashmiri Pandits Satinder Kumar and Swroop Nath were abducted from their home. Their dead bodies with multiple injuries including burns were recovered on the road side. They had earlier received threats to leave the Kashmir Valley. 

Case No.: 12 
Date: 8.5.90 
Place: Sopore, Baramulla 
A Muslim couple, Sikander and Fatima Shah, were killed by terrorists for not accepting the dictats of local terrorists. Their dead bodies bore signs of severe torture. 

Case No.: 13 
Date: 10/11.5.90 
Place: Srinagar  
3 Hindu youths Surinder Kumar, Rattan Lal and Omkar Nath were kidnapped from different parts of Srinagar city Their bodies were later recovered from Alijan Road, Soura. Their dead bodies carried the gory tales of brutal torture at the hands of terrorists. JKLF claimed responsibility for the killings. 

Case No.: 14 
Date: 16.5.90 
Place: Kulgam, Anantnag 
Bhushan Lal Kaul, Assistant Engineer in the PWD, was kidnapped by terrorists from Kulgam. His body was recovered by road side. His eyes had been gouged out. 

Case No.: 15 
Date: 17.5.90 
Place: Raithan, Badgam 
Mohd. Ali Rathan and his son Mohd. Shafi were dragged out of their home by a group of terrorists. They were tortured in public and shot dead, despite pleas by the local people. 

Case No.: 16 
Date: 23/24.5.90 
Place: Rajghat, Baramulla 
Bansi Lal Zutshi was tortured by a group of terrorists in his own house where he was living alone. He was later hacked to death and his remains stuffed in a gunny bag. 

Case No.: 17 
Date: 23.5.90 
Place: Badgam 
The dead body of Makhan Lal Raina, a Medical Assistant in local Govt. Hospital was recovered at Khandwa. His dead body bore multiple injuries including a dismembered right leg as well as strangulation marks. 

Case No.: 18 
Date: 26.5.90 
Place: Shopian, Pulwama 
Bril Nath Kaul, his wife Ratna and sister Sunita were abducted from their house. The women were stripped naked and molested in front of a large number of people. Later they were taken to an isolated place and gang raped, while Brij Nath Kaul was clubbed to death. The Kaul women were dragged by a jeep which was driven with high speed on a mountainous road causing their death. The dead bodies were totally mutilated. 

Case No.: 19 
Date: 17.6.90 
Place: Srinagar 
A group of terrorists forcibly entered the house of J.L. Ganjoo and opened fire indiscriminately killing 4 family members including 2 women and injuring 4 others. The family had returned to their home a day before from Jammu, where they had taken refuge for a few months. 

Case No.: 20 
Date: 19.6.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Mohd. Amin Cheetanagar was kidnapped by terrorists from his residence at Malaratta. His decapitated body was recovered from the Bota Kadal area. 

Case No.: 21 
Date: 29.6.90 
Place: Trehgam, Kupwara 
Mohd. Amin Baba of Trehgam was kidnapped by a group of terrorists on 27.6.90. His body bearing marks of severe torture was found hanging from a tree.  

Case No.: 22 
Date: 17.7.90 
Place: Merhama, Kupwara 
Abdul Rashid Pir ot Merhama was kidnapped by a group of terrorists from the roadside on 13.7.90. His body was later recovered at Kupwara on 17.7.90. The body bore marks of severe torture including blue flame burn marks. 

Case No.: 23 
Date: 2.8.90 
Place: Dera Andergund, Kupwara 
Abdul Hamid Khan, a Govt. official was abducted from his home on 1.8.90. His 
body with marks of torture was recovered on 2.8.90 by the police. 

Case No.: 24 
Date: 14.10.90 
Place: Srinagar 
A group of armed terrorists forced their way into the house of Shyam Lal Kaul and shot dead 4 family members - Dr. Shibanji, Mrs. Usha Kaul, Rajinder Kaul and Mrs. Rajinder Kaul. Mrs. Rajinder Kaul was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. The brutal killing of the family caused an immediate reaction in the area and Muslims living in the neighbourhood exchanged hot words with the assailants. Later in the same area two more Hindus, Chuni Lal and Kapoor Chand were killed by the same group. Al Umar Mujahideen was responsible for the killing.

An Appeal to Terrorist Organizations 
On 6th October, 1992 at 7 p.m. some unknown persons have kidnapped my husband Mohd. Munawar Mir S/O Ghulam Moohd. Mir R/O Osan-Khoi Pattan without any reason and has been kept at some unknown place. The said person has two minor children with no source of livelihood. My husband was running his own business and is not a Government employee. I am a poor lady without any income. For God-sake my husband may kindly be freed. Dated 18th January, 1993. 
Mrs. Zaina wife of Mohd. Munawar Mir 
Aftab, January 19, 1993

Case No.: 25 
Date: 9.1.91 
Place: Danav Kandimarg, Anantnag 
Ghulam Mohd. Malik Maqdoomi was abducted from his house by a group of terrorists. Later his dead body with broken ribs, burn injuries and bullet marks was found in a stream.  

Case No.: 26 
Date: 6.5.91 
Place: Bohripora, Kupwara 
Terrorists entered the house of one Hayat Ganai during the night and resorted to indiscriminate firing killing a 2 year old boy and injuring two women seriously. 

Case No.: 27 
Date: 16.5.91 
Place: Kangan, Srinagar 
The tortured body of one Abdul Ahad Malik was found hanging from a tree. 

Case No.: 28 
Date: 6.6.91 
Place: Bandipur, Baramulla 
Terrorists abducted two Kashmiri Muslim BSF personnel (H/C Saifuddin Mir and Constable Mohd Akbar). After keeping them in captivity, they tied them with explosives and blew them into pieces separately in two localities of Srinagar city on June 20, 1991. The pro-Pak 'Al Umar Mujahideen' owned responsibility. 

Case No.: 29 
Date: 12.6.91 
Place: Haksar, Badgam 
Terrorists took away Senior Post Master Ghulam Mohd. Sheikh from his house and his tortured dead body was recovered from the road side. 

Case No.: 30 
Date: 9.10.91 
Place: Qazigund, Anantnag 
2 Hindus Mohan Lal and Ramesh Kumar were kidnapped from their village. Later their dead bodies carrying marks of severe torture were found on the road side. 

Case No.: 31 
Date: 5.1.92 
Place: Nowshera, Srinagar 
A defaced body of a muslim was recovered from a field with marks of torture. 

Case No.: 32 
Date: 12.1.92 
Place: Handwara, Kupwara 
Lassa Kar, working as a labourer in an Army camp was abducted from his home, tortured and hanged to death. 

Case No.: 33 
Date: 15.1.92 
Place: Zoonimar, Srinagar 
Terrorists abducted a Hindu and tortured him to death. The face of the person was so brutally disfigured that he could not be identified. 

Case No.: 34  
Date: 1.2.92  
Place: Kupwara  
Terrorists abducted two Muslims of Kupwara and brought them to Srinagar where they were tortured for many days in a rented room near Zendshah Mosque, Rainawari. The tortured bodies were recovered from the said room. 

Case No.: 35  
Date: 12.5.92  
Place: Chakla, Baramulla  
Terrorists resorted to indiscriminate firing in village Chakla following a protest by villagers over the abduction of a woman by them. Three villagers were killed and 15 others including 7 women and 2 children injured. 

Case No.: 36  
Date: 21.5.92  
Place: Naidkhai, Baramulla  
A local, Jalal-ud-din was abducted by terrorists from his home and tortured for three days for being an informer. Later his dead body was recovered from a field. 

Case No.: 37  
Date: 26.5.92  
Place: Khanabal, Anantnag  
Noor Mohd. Kanoo was abducted and killed by terrorists after 3 days of torture. His body was left near the District Hospital, Anantnag. 

Case No.: 38  
Date: 10.6.92  
Place: MirSaheb, Srinagar  
Terrorists abducted a JKP Constable Nazir Ahmed Shah on June 8 and tortured him in a vacant house of a Hindu for three days. They left him in the house in a serious condition where he subsequently died. 

Case No.: 39  
Date: 20.7.92  
Place: Dilipora, Kupwara  
Terrorists abducted three local muslims Pahalwan Shah, Hussain Shah andAkhtar Shah from their houses and tortured them for several days. Their bodies were later recovered from a field. 

Case No.: 40  
Date: 4.9.92  
Place: Hariparbat , Srinagar  
Terrorists killed two Hindus including one Lala Ram Shashi r/o Ganganagar, Rajasthan and another who is still unidentified. These dead bodies were recovered from temple area of Hariparbat. 

Case No.: 41 
Date: 5.9.92  
Place: Pattan, Baramulla  
Following a clash between two rival terrorist groups, they resorted to indiscriminate firing in the village. Four villagers were killed on the spot and 8 others injured seriously. 

Case No.: 42  
Date: 14.9.92  
Place: Nowshera, Srinagar  
Terrorists tortured a local Muslim Jan Mohammad for seven days after holding him captive in a house and finally hanged him to death. 

Case No.: 43  
Date: 19.9.92  
Place: Srinagar city  
Four army personnel were trapped by terrorists and whisked away. They were killed and their dead bodies were recovered. 

Case No.: 44  
Date: 20.9.92  
Place: Hawal, Srinagar  
Two Hindus Vijay Kumar r/o Jammu and Om Prakash r/o U.P. were killed by terrorists and their bodies thrown on the roadside. 

Case No.: 45  
Date: 2.10.92  
Place: Hawal, Srinagar  
A muslim CRPF Constable Baba Saheb hailing from Hyderabad was abducted by terrorists and tortured for two days till he died. 

Case No.: 46  
Date: 4.11.92  
Place: Newa, Pulwama  
Mushtaq Ahmed Butt was tortured to death by terrorists in the village. His body 
was recovered from the fields.

Nazir Ahmed Siddiqui and his wife Haseena in a pool of blood. Both were shot dead while asleep in their ground floor bed room in Srinagar on June 16, 1992 night by unknown gunmen.

Case No.: 47  
Date: 11.11.92  
Place: Wardnu, Jammu  
Trilok Nath Dagga s/o Lal Chand r/o Wardnu was shot dead at Chattaha. Two live rounds of 9mm were recovered from the spot. 

Case No.: 48  
Date: 14.11.92  
Place: Karannagar, Srinagar  
Munir Ahmed Mir, a local Muslim was abducted by terrorists and tortured to death. His body was later recovered from the road side. 

Srinagar Times/Alsafa
February 12, 1993
Militants hanged four persons to death, shot dead one and another kidnapped.

Case No.: 49  
Date: 17.1.93  
Place: Bijbehara, Anantnag  
Ghulam Mohd., a 60-year old person was abducted and tortured to death.

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