Captain Jintu Gogoi

Captain Jintu Gogoi

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Body arrives, fiancee gives up her last hope 

New Delhi, July 14 (HT Correspondent)

As the last post was sounded and the soldiers in ceremonial gear turned their weapons upside down, they remembered the smiling faces of the eleven martyrs whom they were honouring. 

Capt Jintu Gogoi, L/nk Madan Singh, Rfn Jaideep Singh, Rfn Varinder Lal (17 Garhwal), Sep Rajvir Singh, Sep Dharambir Singh, Sep Vinod Kumar, Sub Harphul Singh, Sep Gazpal Singh and Sep Krishan Kumar (17 JAT) had gone into the battlefield with weapons blazing and made the supreme sacrifice for the nation. They were brought for the ceremonial wreath laying in Delhi Cantonment. 

Capt Jintu Gogoi, who was recalled from leave to join his unit 17 Garhwal barely a 12 days after his engagement, was brought in a tri-colour draped coffin. A marigold wreath on it. Watched by his fiancee and relatives who waited for the senior officers to pay their respects before giving way to their own sorrow. "There is no hope now," Anjuna said. Just days ago she had spoken to The Hindustan Times about hoping that since Capt Gogoi’s body had not been recovered he may be alive. 

No tears fell from her bright eyes. The smile belied the shattered dreams. Yet the quiet dignity honoured the soldier more. 

Eager for news of how the end came, she spoke to the soldiers who had been with him at that time. "He was leading from the front. There were three men ahead of him. His body was found barely 150 yards from the picket on Jubar Hills that he had been ordered to take. A full burst from a machine gun had caught him in his solar plexus," she said. The men of 17 Garhwal had charged into battle shouting ‘Badri Vishal’, their battle cry. Of the four companies that went into battle one officer and eleven jawans did not return.

Nation's third highest wartime gallantry award VIR CHAKRA was awarded to Captain Jintu Gogoi on 15th August 1999.

CourtesyThe Hindustan Times News Service

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