Dr. Roshan Saraf

Dr. Roshan Saraf

Dr. Roshan Saraf

Dr. Roshan Saraf

  • A Medical Doctor by profession.

  • Writer & Poet in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi, English; Singer, Musician & Anchor by passion.

  • Active member of SAMPRATI (cultural organization).

  • Active contributor to various Kashmiri publications like Koshur Samachar, Zaan, Prakash, ShuddVidya, Aalav, Naad, Miraas, Milchaar,Kashmir Sentinel, Kheer Bhawani Times, Panchtarni, Vitasta, Vichaar-Manch and others

  • Published 3 books Gwara Poozah (Kashmiri collection of devotional poems on Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji); Lol Oush (Kashmiri collection of Ghazals) and Rhythmic Verses (Poetic collection in English).

  • Books to be published soon include Images & Incarnations (poetic collection in English), Emotions (poetic collection in English), Gwar Paadan Tal Maej (Kashmiri collection of Bhajans), Asan Khangaal (Kashmiri collection of Comedy) & Sai Charno Mein (Hindi collection of Sai Baba Bhajans).

  • Worked with Mr. Kishen Langoo in 2 Albums.

  • Performed in various on-stage programmes conducted by J&K Cultural Academy (Youth Wing).

  • Performed in various programmes on AIR Jammu and DD Kashir.

  • Some Observations on Doctor Roshan Saraf's Rythmic Verses-a review

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