Proverbs by R.K. Fotedar

Proverbs by R.K. Fotedar

by Mrs. R. K. Fotedar

Ahankaras namaskaar,suy gav sakhshaatkar
Obeisence to the self that is a reflection of eternal reality

Aakh -t- aakh gav kah
Unity is strength

Oat chhanun -t- pariyun thavun hoakhun
To preserve for future use what is not needed immediately

Aokhvanye saabenye zardi
To show artificial concern

Akh aamut ladeni byaakh luhravani
One creates, the other destroys

Aamechh koker path karainye
To let go of a golden oppurtunity

Achhav rostai achh gaash
To be able to see even without having eyes

Anis mush haavun -n- savaab -n- gaunah
To show colour to a blind man

Apzis chhun guday kuni
Lies have no basis

Aesas manz naabad phol travun
To dangle a carrot before someone

Asmaanas vauth travan -t- tarakh ganzravaan
To dream of the impossible

Akh khaujas saet bate khyon -t- byayi syuonis kun ath nyuon
To count upon impossible favours

Anyan manz kane sunder
Among the ignorant a little knowledge is of great value

Ami myani khalani saetya
Taking all the credit
But for my last minute contribution your dreams could have come to naught

Andhrim andher -t- nyebrim nyeber
To be non plussed /bewildered

Akh hamal -t- byakh damal
One partner is active,the other is merely demonstrative

Aayi venis -t- gayi kandaras
Destiny often withholds the crown from the very person who deserves it

Athan phukh diwaan bachun
To be saved by the skin of one's teeth

Azar yi khush kari -t- kar
Money makes the mare go

Buthis chhantas toh -t- nar,dyekas kartas namaskaar
Do not judge a person by his looks
Despite his repulsive looks a person may be blessed by gods

Baadshah gur chhun khyawaan zyab
yeli peyas teli kheyi rab
Despite being born with a silver spoon in mouth one is forced to give
way to circumstances

Bayan bat divaan naav khatir ,ganan manz paan maaraan paamav khatir
For a good name we give parties but die if we get a bad name

Boay bayis pushpana,boay bayis dushmana
A brother who can be a great support frequently turns an enemy to his

Boni muhul taarun
To try to make a stupid person understand

Buda gav -t- thah thah thovnam pathkun
The old man has passed away but has left me to deal with
his unresolved issues

Chhal -n- mal chhaa achan kin nearaan
Clean your heart and mind of negative thoughts

Chamchi manchi hokhni
One with a depressed and emaciated look

Daun salah -t- tran vah vilah
Two's company,the third person is an intruder

Deenuk tham chhuy seenas pyath
True religion is in one's heart

Dardidandan yakhraj dadan
The best cure for an aching tooth is to pull it out

Daarikanye anz yun
Prosperity visitng unexpectedly

Dohli suray losun
The sun setting at midday
Something unexpected and tragic happening

Gaenti thool vaalun
To accomplish a very difficult task

Gub gaatej-t- grata tsakaej
Wisdom and serenity should not unduly weigh down a person

Hud gav -t- kuniu myond gav
A slight lack of warmth once may spoil long-standing relationship

Hoon lot lazayokh kandilas su draav hoon lotui
It is difficult to change a persons mentality

Hir peth hir guggal khasnyay
To talk of others out of thin air

Hati -t- khash -t- mati -t- khash
To burn the candle on both sides

Hatsar zad gatshun
To be exposed to social stigma

Hachi -ti- karav volaas,souti lagi sonder
Even a piece of wood looks beautiful after it has been decorated,
but it is the inner beauty that matters in the long run

Hokhmut hogaad
Like a dehydrated fish

Kori roon hyut -t- noshi kath kyut
A daughter should have good husband, it is not so vital for a daughter-in-law

Kori doad gav pashminas ather
Inherent anxiety for a daughters welfare affects a person like moth's
quietly eating into precious pashmina

Kori rs maej gayi khori rs naav
A mother without a daughter is like a boat without an oar

Khoonas chharey
Blood is thicker than water

Khund gupun
An introvert person is dangerous

Khyon polav -t- athi chhalun gramyut
Feed the child with choicest dishes but in a disciplined way

Lokachaari aases guh gan mandaan,badith draayes pandit buoy
It doesn't take time to change one's destiny

Lotuy vonmai lotui boaz panini kath chhai panani jayi
I charge to you in utter confidence
Not to give out private secrets everywhere

Lembi pamposh pholun
A beautiful and talented person born in humble surroundings

Lori dastar thavun
To keep a person for namesake only

Maij - mol gav batas peth syun
One's parents serve as an appetiser only, one has to assemble the rest of the dinner
through one's own efforts only

Mot laegith saala bati khyon
To share a feast acting like a dull witted person

Mudas gyanech kath no vanizeh,kharas goor dina raavi doh
Trying to teach a stupid person is useless,
its just like feeding jaggery to a donkey

Mudan hanz maaeji nai prasan -t- trukyan,
handai ghar kith pathye khasan
How will clever people thrive if nut-wits are not arround

Maaji maasi -t- kori kus kaasi
An all-pervadin curse in the family

Malinyuk hyot dyut -t- kori hund zyevi pyot
Sweet nature of a girl is better than a dowry

Maaji hund -n- maalyun gaubur sund matamal
If mother does not have good relations with her parents, her children are a
generation further off

Mooli tali kul kadun
To destroy ones roots

Mauth gaubur gav maukth haar -t- ar kure gayi tabardaar
A mad son is like pearl necklace while an accomplished daughter is like a wood cutter

Mulah's doarr mashidi taam
Person of limited perception

Myani bebi -n- guh loar
Everyone thinks that they are pure and flawless

Metsai tulakh -t- soan sapdinai
To bless from the core of one's heart

Na zyun na prasun nakhay ratnas hurirazaan
I have no experience of child bearing, yet the wrath of the deity of
child birth pursues me

Noon teel zyooth -t- athi myon myooth
A delicious dish needs all ingredients for nice cooking

Naevidas tagihe pananay vodhi kaasihey mas
If a person has the right tools he can cut away his own misery

Nafa huk oasum tasali -t- gati masa paav hanglo karai shupi saet vaav
No loss no gain

Nanvaar naav dramut
A bad name sticks

Naklas -t- gachi akal aasin
To be able to cheat also requires some intelligence

Nasti hanz jayi
Delicate relations

Nosh lavi -n- haar,kath karan khar
A person is not worth a small shell, but talks in tons

Nagar neerith -t- paan deeshith
To go to another country is to forget oneself

Naagas naag chhiki chhik karan
Sheeps of the same flock, flock together

Nina vaalis kunay gonah,raaven vaalis saas gonah
The one who pilfers sins only once, but the loser commits a thousand sins
in trying to identify the culprit

Oar zuv chhuv nyamath
Good health is a luxury

Odhur zyun hyuv dazun
Burning with rage like a wet piece of wood

Panini kakur nai bad aasi,lukahundi gari kyaazi traavi thool
A silly person gives a handle to others while dealing with them

Peetas pyatt chhakh peetreni ,peeta pyatha vatshakh -t- chhak tsaentrene
Once you loose power, you loose respect of the people too.

Panenyev chhinamanae mat paygambar
A prophet is not valued in his own land

Panun rath paanas math
Self help is the greatest virtue

Pata kani vaguv tsatun

Panai paanas taereef kareny
To blow one's own trumpet

Yotaani poz pazaan -t- awam dazan
The sufferer goes through hell till the truth comes out

Piter harud kur khatanhaal
Out of jealousy for enemy one does impossible things

Panay paanas zang chateyn
Panay paanas drot vaayun
To cut ones own roots

Phash dith gash annun
To massage with a vengence

Rachhdars doha -t- churas gara
What one protects ones whole life,gets lost in a moment

Razi sarp banaavun
To make a mountain out of a molehill

Raenis kaulay -sau- gayi dahan kaulay
If husband is fond of wife every family member will like her

Reanis ziy hiy -t- nyechvis ziy gari gari drey
A wife has right over husbands income but reservations over son's income

Shaal chhalith battyan lori
Try to act brave after the danger has passed

Shaal -t- shaal vugaan, tangi wakt kuni
Wolves fight each other, but attack together

Sheasther phutravun
Anger that can cut through solid iron

Shur -t- gur gav barabar
A child and old people are alike

Sedis -t- myendis khuda dost
God is the friend of both the simple guy and the leper

Sedis haul kya kari
A crook can never harm a straight forward person

Shur vol kya khey ,hirvol panun
A man with many children will have only husk to eat

Shur sund shur chhuy sood
A child is like capital and a grandchild is interest on that capital

Tsalaha chaani daadi chh hyeth seethy
Trying to unsuccesfully run away from something or someone

Tshopa chhay raup sanz karkhay -t- saunsenz
Silence is silver, but if practiced is golden

Tse ta bota luta bab ,anyut -t- bushkab
the fewer the better

Tshop gaav gayi gudhame khav
An unusually simple person can be very complex

Turan turnavun -t- vusun vushnaavun
To take great care

Vuni chhay vuzmalay, pat chhay gagray
This is just the lightening before the thunderstorm

Vaav vuchhit nav traven
Turn ones soil to catch the wind

Van manz laal charith anun
To search and find a gem of a person from amongst the wilderness

Yam yath kar kal -t- kahar -su- tul shahar vaetith pyav
Where there is a will there is a way

Yem kar rey,tyem ker krey
It is good to take responsibility for your actions

Yath -n- push tath -n- dush
If you cannot mend do not bend

Yed khaeter gacchun waatul
The stomach drives us across all barriers

Yed sethy choup hyuon
To harm a person without leaving any mark

Yeli pyeyi chhanas panas peth
When it your responsibility you will be more serious about it

Yoray gachha ziney khaun hyeth
Extremely bewildered by the problems of life

Yath gaamas -n- gachhun,tami gaamuk kya naav
Why bother about a place where you will not be going
Gathering useless information

Yus dam nyeri suy wah-wah
To live in the present moment

Zyab chalaan -t- choab labaan
One's tongue is one's greatest enemy
A loose tongue is one's greatest enemy

Zan Zanani zoon maj zoon
Posing to be very simple and innocent

Zapur ruz ati -t- sati baney dyead
To show superiority out of the way

Zameen phutravaan -t- pakaan
Someone who walks full of pride

Zan chhi dehi lad gagar ruzith
To live like a frightened mouse in one's own house

Zouveli hund khyun -t- zyevli hund -n
To eat with a petty person but never with a long-tongued one

Zuvas peth kya hassar chhu
Life cannot be trusted, death can come at any moment

Zyethev naryav kheyiv saal
People respect outer beauty and affluence, but not inner values

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