R.N. Kaw

R.N. Kaw

Sh. R.N. Kaw retired as Chief Photographer from Archaeological Survey of India. He was associated in Excavations at Burzahom- Kashmir from 1963 to 1970. Due to his association in this excavation he wrote the article "Earliest Settlers of Kashmir" and it is also published in "Essays in Indian Proto History", edited by D.P. Agrawal and Dilip Chakraborty, and published in 1978.

R. N. Kaw
R.N. Kaw

e-mail: rnkaw@rediffmail.com

R.N. Kaw written the following articles on Kashmir's past:

  • Burzahom

  • Plant Husbandry in Neolithic Kashmir

  • Largest stone celt so far discovered in Asia.

  • Neolithic Culture of Kashmir

  • Kashmir -Then and Now


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