A.N. Prashant Raina

A.N. Prashant Raina

AN Prashant Raina
A.N. Prashant Raina


A. N. PRASHANT (Raina)


Late Pt. Shiv Ji Raina  


Original Residents of

183-Lower Sathu, Srinagar, Kashmir


Present Address

‘Shiv Shobha Kutir’ H.No: 1618, Upper Subhash Nagar (Lower Laxmi Nagar), Rehari Colony, Jammu- 180005

‘Devashray’ 315 - Gaur Enclave II, C-348, Shalimar Garden Ext-II, Sahihibabad, Ghaziabad (NCR) 


Did my graduation B.A. in the year, 1963 from Jammu and Kashmir University:                 

Completed M.A. (Hindi) in the year 1965 from Jammu and Kashmir University

Ph. D. (Hindi) in the year 1970 from Kashmir University.

Passed Certificate ‘C’ of NCC after four years of training and was holding the rank of Company Senior Under Officer


Worked in the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for thirty long years. Retired as Assistant Director in the year, 2000. Had been almost to all the parts of India as part of my professional assignment and have taught in all the Ministries, Departments of Govt. of India.


Have been awarded "Acharya Pt. Jagan Nath Tiwari Padak" by Hindi Department of Kashmir University, in the year 1969 in recognition of the contributions made towards literary pursuits. Received many commendation certificates from various quarters for literary and cultural accomplishments.


Published my first collection of poems in Kashmir entitled "SONTAIK AALAV" in the year 1958.

Regular contributor to College and University magazines “Partap” and ‘Vitasta’ (Kashmir University Magzine)

Poems in Hindi and Kashmiri were published in various leading magazines like "Niljha" (Rashtra Basha Prachar Samiti magazine from Kashmir), Palika Samachar (Delhi), Koshur Samachar (Delhi), Prakash (Delhi), Kheer Bhawani Times (Jammu), Shudh Vidhya (Jammu). 

Published a research and critical study entitled "Abdul Ahad Azad - Tahqeeqi Aiane Main" on the life of the legendry poet of Kashmir Late Abdul Ahad Azad in the year 2008. The book was released in a magnificent ceremony on January 03, 2009 by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu.

This study sought to clear various myths and aberrations about the life of this revolutionary poet, created by incomplete conclusions drawn by writers over a period of time since his death.

The book got very wonderful reviews by the critics and lovers equally and has been well received by the people in general and literary community in particular.

Another book entitled "Prakash Stumbh" in Hindi is under publication and is likely to come out very soon.


Have the honour and privilege of interacting with :

  • Dr. Harvansh Rai Bachan

  • Dr. Hazari Prasad Diwedi, Head Department of Hindi, University of Banaras Hindu University

  • Dr. Nagendra, Head Department of Hindi, University of Delhi Acharya Jagan Nath Tiwari

  • Dr. Satendra, Head Department of Hindi, University of Jaipur

  • Dr. Laxmi Sagar Varshnei

  • Prof. Rahman Rahi

  • Prof. Habib Ullah Hamdi, former Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University.

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