Chander Bhat

Chander Bhat

Book Review - Painting and Theatre in Kashmir by Dr. R.K. Tamiri

by Chander M. Bhat

Name of the Book:

Painting and Theatre in Kashmir

Author: Dr. R. K. Tamiri


Suraj Foundation, 245-Amar Colony Extension,

Gole Gujral, Talab Tillo, Jammu Tawi 180 002

Year of Publication: 2011

Price: PB: Rs. 300.00   HB: Rs. 650.00

Very few scholars in our times who have crossed the age of fifty are celebrated either through their works or through the writings of other people on their works. The whole question of celebrating a writer’s works, especially when he crosses the mature years is centered on two critical aspects: the authenticity of scholarship and the relevance of such scholarship in our time. Since the authenticity of any work is often checked in terms of the existing systematizations of knowledge, it is only through a constant critiquing of the systems of knowledge; one can assess the merit of any personality. The book Painting and Theatre in Kashmir is the product of such an attempt to highlight the achievements of Suraj Ticku, the artist, painter and theatre giant. After the probation of laborious research work, finally Dr. R.K.Tamiri has come out with the said book. The book not only reveals the latent love, affection, thirst of the author but it also reflects the level of hard work, patience and dedication as well. The author is well known for his research work like Konsarnag...Myth, Legend and History, Sodaratirtha...Myth, Legend and History, the Rise of Barmarks, The Traditional Music of Kashmir, Lolab Valley...Shrines and Legends, Kaptesvara Tirtha...History and Legend and A Pilgrimage to Rainabari are some of the examples of research works of Dr. R.K.Tamiri.

Deep rivers move with silent mystery; shallow brooks are noisy. On having a deep insight in this work I feel it is work that makes a workman. Peeling of cover banana helps to reach the nectar of nature’s generosity. Dr. Tamiri has made triumphant exposure of a true and artful person; whose contribution in the work of art and painting would have been a talk of the past. I really love to explore the personality of Suraj Ticku on part of Dr. Tamiri. It strengthens my belief that the artful personality was not a mean thing to be kept shrouded in mystery. The focus on different angles of the life of great artist has given him immortality among the Kashmiri greats. Dr. Tamiri’s efforts justify kudos as new generation may have not enough knowledge available about him and this book is a sincere effort to bridge gap between this stalwart actor and aspiring candidates in the field of painting, art and theatre.

It is not only the legendary Suraj Ticku that has had the author’s attention. But also reminisces of art, culture, theatre, and painting too have found emphatic mentions in this book. I feel the book shall serve as a testament for next generation and also give true impulses of great Kashmiri pursuit towards excellence in the field of art, theatre and painting.

The book has been divided into three parts, part one deals with the historical background of Painting, Theatre in Kashmir and introduction of Suraj Tiku’s Guru. Part two elaborates the works of Suraj Tiku and Part three is about Family of Performing Arts, index etc.

It is very appropriate smile to say that any good manuscript is like a diamond, it glitters but only when properly cut. In very simple words the book is a very beautiful reference book. I commend the book to all lovers of Art and Theatre.

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